søndag 27. desember 2009

White Christmas

leila hafzi 1728

After three days of snowfall, it finally stopped snowing. But this is really what we call a white christmas. Every branch, tree and house is covered in snow. It feels a little like magic really. Hope you all are enjoying your holiday no matter if its snowing or the sun is shining.

Outfit: Trenchcoat Banana Republic, tights from Lindex, faux fur hat and gloves from H&M, shoes from Bianco and vintage Dior handbag.

24 kommentarer:

katrina sa...

I don't really like snow, though it's everywhere right now..
You look so great!


janettaylor sa...

I like snow for Christmas. Hungary has got a 'black Xmas" and this is awful...Rain, rain and rain. :-(

Love Ur outfit, darling Silje!


beingdena sa...

I am so jealous of the snow. Wish I was home in Sweden. You look great. love the hat x

stilettolover91 sa...

I love your hat & your coat!!!


Alberto Hugo Rojas sa...


jayne sa...

that coat fits so well!

Taylor Sterling sa...

wow so beautiful!!

Make Do Style sa...

Great Christmas photo and love the H&M faux fur hat!

betz sa...

wow, beautiful. you look so gorgeous!


melina sa...

Love your winter outfit! We got a lot of snow also.

www.sexyinthecity.es sa...

Amazing photo!!
you looks gorgeous!!


SR@MyStyle sa...

Hi there-another chic and stylish look, you look so lovely and cosy!!

Casey sa...

I wish I had snow! I'm so sad I live in Southern California.
And your outfit is absolutely gorgeous!

kirstyb sa...

lovely pics xxxx

princesspolitico sa...

that hat is just wonderful! hope you're having a great holiday break :)


La Mimi sa...

Wow! It must be so beautiful! Surprisingly we didn't have a white Christmas here in Toronto. Oh, well, I don't mind:)
Hope you are having a fab holiday season darling!


sexylegsandbody sa...

That sure looks cold, however, you look stunning! \Love your blog, love your pics and love your style.

Hope your new year will bring loads of happiness and joy!

Ann sa...

Love the new header you made!! It's so much easier to "scroll down" the page now bc it's not so "tall" - it's not only lovely, but it's more user friendly too! Gorgeous!

Savvy Gal sa...

hope you have a super 2010. happy new year my dear. xoxo

shopahallic sa...

Flawless! Love the winter wonderland look



Ann. sa...

You look so amazing.
Beautiful outfit.

FashionHippieLoves sa...

you look fantastic!
happy new year!


vicen sa...

Beautiful look, I love, I love it.
Happy New Year

Charms sa...

I love the snow but don't like the feel of the cold weather. You look so gorgeous again, as ever. Love the Dior handbag that you got. Been a little obsessed with cheap juicy couture handbags, as well as juicy couture boot. The hat looks great too.