torsdag 30. oktober 2008

San Francisco

Day One: Lost in Translation

Our first day in San Francisco was bathing in sunlight. The temperature for sightseeing was just right, and early in the morning hours I had my first coffee at one of the many Starbucks in this city. Jet lagged and ready to go, I asked the hotel mangager (we stayed at Quarter Club in the Financial District) how to get to Union Square. He mumbled something about first to the right, then right,then left. Of course there was tons of people waiting to be checked out, so I just went. And of course, I got lost. Mind you, I was not scared at all. This city is much like a European city, with its trams and buses. As I walked the narrow streets upward I contemplated the beautiful architecture the old living side by side with the new buildings.

Suddenly, it was very clear that I had walked straight into Chinatown. I had actually planned to visit that part of the city another day, but since I was in no hurry I decided to check it out. As I excpected, it was a very colorful and exotic experience. The Chinese culture is represented with its rich colors, beautiful materials and exquisite jewelry.

On every street there was a new store filled with either antiques, jewelry, silk kimonos and other exciting treasures.

The jewelry is cheap, but good quality. I spent 1 hour in a store bargaining for a good deal. Expect to hassle a deal, they always aim for a higher price. I think that is part of the fun. Beautiful freshwater pearls, jade and chinese enemal bangles are just some of the jewelry you should be looking for. Remember that there is so many stores, that if you think something is to expensive and they will not give you a good deal, keep walking. Often you can see a lot of their selection out on the street, and they always have a "sale".

This green jade bangle was one of my buys. I loved the carving and the crisp green color. I have always wanted a bangle like that, and now that I am home, I regret not buying more. I also bought a long set of freshwater pearls for myself and some pearl bracelets.

Shoes, handbags, coin purses, chinese umbrella or a silk makeup cases makes for great gifts at a good price.

The antiques were beautiful and I wish I could have brought home a table or a chinese vanity desk.

I have been on the hunt for a silk kimono since I saw Carrie wearing a fabolous one in an episode of SATC, years ago. Little did I know that this was my lucky day. In one of the stores I went into to, they had a great selection and I ended up buying this blue one for myself and a turquise one for a friend as a a belated birthday present. I love the illustrations, the color and the belt. The best buy of today.

Must buys: enamel bracelets are both cheap and stylish.

After finishing up, I decided to ask some people for directions to Union Sqaure. I stopped a nice looking couple, who then looked me up and down before giving me directions. They were so sweet and when the guy told me to "go all the way down and take a right at Prada", I knew I asked the right people.

And so I did.

Union Square

After all that culture, I needed some retail therapy. Lucky for me, Forever 21 was right there. Its the biggest one I have ever seen and an amazing collection. I scored some good deals.
Then I went off to shop for shoes at DSW and Lohmans.

Fringes and suede are some of the biggest fall trends. Unfortunately, I did not find any fringe boots I liked. I also stopped by H&M to look for a faux fur jacket and a wool cardigan that I did not find back home, but they were all sold out. Oh well, you cant have them all.

When the evening came, I had to take my husband to see it all. So, on our way to dinner (he was on the golf course during the day) we walked the same route as I got lost in earlier that day.

It was great seeing this area both in daylight and at night and I recommend you doing both. At night, all the lights makes the street shiny and bright, while the days are rich and colorful. After a day filled with experiences, we went to dinner at a restaurant called Cafe de la Presse on Grant Street. We had some great Napa wine and a fantastic dinner. I recommend going here for the great food, lush atmosphere and international mood.

Vest: Vero Moda
Jeans: H&M
Cardigan: H&M
Shoes: Old Navy
Handbag: Vintage Chanel
Top: Vero Moda

Todays bargains: Jade bracelet, enemal bracelets, silk kimonos, freshwater pearl necklace, pearl bracelets and tons of christmas gifts for young and old. Top, jacket and cardigan from F21 and Steve Madden gold shoes (21 dollars!).
Tomorrow: Vintageshopping in Haight-Ashbury and Fisherman`s warf by night.

onsdag 29. oktober 2008

Shopping List

Jeg er en listeperson. For meg er det en måte å ha kontroll, og huske ting når det teller. Shoppinglisten til Californiaturen ble relativt lang, men det er fordi jeg valgte å la være å kjøpe endel høstplagg her hjemme og de har merker i USA jeg aldri får tak i her (unntatt på ebay).

I am a list person. I always write lists, no matter if its for work or play. That way I remember it all. For this trip I had a very long list, considering I had been saving for a while and ripping out pictures of brands we dont have here.

- Black leather jacket
-Christian Louboutin heels (still searching for the perfect pair) or YSL tribute heels in gold or silver
-Paysley dress
-Pearl nekclaces
-A black leather handbag. Miu Miu, Chanel (preferably vintage) or Prada are at the top of the wishlist.
-Ripped skinny Current & Elliot jeans
-Citizen of Humanity jeans or J Brand skinnies
-H&M faux fur jacket (was not in stores here when I left)
-Black studded boots (like the Gucci ones, just cheaper) or sandals
-Black ancle boots
-Steve Madden open toe booties
-Studded belt
-Silver heels
-Sequined party top and dress
-Winter coat
-Opi french collection dark polish
-Cashmere boyfriend cardigans, Victoriassecret
-Cashmere sweaters
-Nike Shox and training gear
-Faux fur black vest (think Rachel Zoe)
-Tons of beauty products like Redken, N7, MAC, Estee Lauder etc.
-Velour hoddie and pants
-Leather tights
-Guess Mens watch
-Enamel bracelets (Kenneth Jay Lane is a favorite)
-Vintage costume jewelry
-Vintage silkrobe ( I am always looking for one similar to the one Carrie had on in an episode of SATC)
-Vintage sunglasses
-Vintage shoes
-Vintage Missoni cardigan and scarf
Stores I love to shop in:
Barneys, Neiman Marcus (shoe and jeansheaven), Nine West, Macys (shoes), Steve Madden, Forever 21 (talk about cheap fashion!), Banana Republic (they always have classic styles on sale), Victoriassecret (if only for the underwear, but they also have a great selection of cashmere), DSW, Lohmans (discounted designer goods), outlets (cheap & good), Target (for their collaborations. This time I am looking for some Sigerson Morrison studded flats and Anya Hindmarch handbags),
Vintage: Melrose in LA have several really good vintage stores in walking distance. Decades (A favorite with Rachel Zoe), The Way We Wore ( good place for spotting celebs, but pricey), Paperbag Princess and Polkadots and Moonbeams. I had not been to San Francisco, but got some great advice from fellow blogger Fashion Trend Guide, who visits the city frequently.

søndag 26. oktober 2008

California, Baby!

Noen av dere har kanskje lurt på hvorfor jeg har oppdatert bloggen så lite de to siste ukene. Grunnen til det er at jeg har vært i San Fransisco og Los Angeles på ferie. Bortsett fra en skikkelig forkjølelse, har vi hatt det helt fantastisk. Vi landet i San Fran, hvor vi tilbrakte fire flotte dager, før vi satte kursen mot Los Angeles i en rød Ford Mustang kabriolet. Kjøreturen gikk over to dager og vi var innom Pebble Beach, Carmel, Big Sur og San Luis Obispo, før vi endte hos venner i Agoura, nærmere Los Angeles. For de som ikke har fått det med seg, tok jeg min Bachelor i Media & Communication i LA (derav bloggnavnet), så jeg drar tilbake på besøk så ofte jeg kan. Før ferien, satte jeg på spareblusset, så jeg tok litt av i USA. Med lav dollarkurs og mange merker vi ikke har i norge, var det ikke noe problem. Jeg har shoppet både vintage og nytt, og kommer til å dele det med dere i postene som kommer i de to neste ukene. I tillegg har jeg møtt og intervjuet en del kjendiser, så utdrag av dette skal dere også få en smakebit på!

Some of you might have noticed that I have been missing in action lately. The reason is that I have been on vacation in California. I had a wonderful trip with my husband. We spent the days relaxing, sightseeing, working, catching up with old friends from the University (we went to a university in LA, thats why the blog is called from Oslo to Los Angeles) and of course, shopping. We landed in San Francisco, then drove a red Ford Mustang convertible down the 1, stopping by Pebble Beach, Carmel, Big Sur, and San Luis Obispo, before arriving at friends in Agoura. We had an amazing time, and in the coming days I will recap our trip for you with photos and excerpts from interviews with some really nice celebs. Thank you for all your nice comments while I was gone! I will try to catch up with you all this week.

tirsdag 21. oktober 2008

Black & Blue

My new blue cardigan from H&M.

Photo: Kathrine Stenvaag
Cardigan: H&M
Jeans: Vero Moda
Boots: H&M
Elsker denne nye cardiganen fra H&M. Perfekt farge, fake pelskrage og belte i livet. Jeg bare matte ha denne, og den passer perfekt i garderoben min. Dessutten synes jeg svart og blatt er en lekker fargekombinasjon. Det jeg liker med H&M er at du faktisk kan finne kule ting, som de ikke tar inn for mange av. Det gjelder bare a finne godbitene!

You know when you find items that are perfect for your wardrobe? This cardigan is such an item. With the faux fur trim and the blue color, its one of my favorites for fall. Its also getting colder, so its great for bundling up in and still stay stylish. I also like to mix blue and black, as I think it is a great color combination.

søndag 19. oktober 2008


Photo: Victoriassecret
Det jeg liker med denne nettsiden er de utrolige tilbudene pa kasmirgensere og cardigans. Ikke bare har de bra kvalitet, de er billige og utvalget er meget bra. Du kan bestille nesten hvilken farge du vil, og de shipper hit. Husk bare at du ma betale toll og moms(ca 33 prosent) pa varer over 200 kroner. Men med kasmir til denne prisen er det verdt det! Jeg bestilte ogsa nagleboots herfra, men de var ikke hva jeg troddde, sa de gikk rett i retur. Sjekk ut siden deres ofte, siden de har masse gode tilbud og sikkert har noe som passer for deg. Jeg bestilte blant annet denne kasmir genserkjolen i lilla, svarte og brune cardigans. Jeg bruker XS eller S, og bestilte S fra VS og det passet meg perfekt.

I love Victoriassecret. Not only do they have really affordable pieces in every color, they have great prices on cashmere cardigans and sweaters. Which by the way is really expensive in Norway. You might remember that I ordered the studded boots? Well, let me tell you they were horrible. Not comfortable at all. So, I ended up returning them, and getting some more cashmere instead. The neat thing is that this site has offers and giveaways with orders all the time, not to mention the great sales! I am so addicted, so I will recommend it to anyone who likes affordable fashion.

lørdag 18. oktober 2008

Weekend Update

I helgene har jeg endel faste ritualer. Er det loppemarkedsesong drar jeg pa jakt etter gamle skatter. Ellers stikker jeg alltid innom Tonica Vintage og UFF Underground, for gode deals. H&M, Zara og Vero Moda er bra for trendshopping. Jeg liker som sagt a shoppe alene, men treffer gjerne venninner til lunch. Hva er deres faste ritualer?

My weekends usually consist of a couple ingredients. Shopping, flea market bargain hunting, coffee runs or meetings friends for lunch, going out for drinks in the evenings, and relaxing on Sunday. I truly enjoy my weekends and try to make the most of each one, although they run by pretty fast. How do you girls enjoy spending your weekends?

onsdag 15. oktober 2008

Ripped Jeans

Elsker denne looken til Kate Beckinsale. Laidback, cool og stylish. Disse jeansene fra Current Elliot er de mest ettertraktede buksene blant kjendisene i Hollywood. Tror jeg enten maa skaffe meg disse eller lage noen av gamle jeans selv. Secret Society i Oslo har merket, men jeg bestiller de nok pa ebay, hvis jeg bestemmer meg for de.

I am dying for some ripped jeans. I am liking the look of Kate Beckinsale in Current Elliot. I am either getting myself something similar or making it myself of some old jeans. Whats your take on this trend, love it or hate it? I know its not for everybody, but I think its a cool and relaxed look.

søndag 12. oktober 2008

New Hairdo

Jacket: Tonica Vintage
Jeans: Vero Moda
Scarf: Bik Bok
Shoes: H&M

Photo: Kathrine Stenvaag
Med min faste frisør ute av byen, måtte jeg prøve en ny. Veldig fornøyd med fargen, men synes det ble litt kort. Jeg gruer meg alltid til frisøren fordi lengden blir alltid kuttet mye mer enn jeg vil. Liker dere å gå til frisøren eller gruer dere dere?

My regular hairdresser is out of town, so I decided to go with a friends recommendation. It turned out ok, but much shorter than I anticipated. The color is very nice, though. I always dread the hairdresser, because by the time I grow my hair out, it has to be cut. Whats your take, do you enjoy it or dread it?

lørdag 11. oktober 2008

Weekend Shopping

Når helgen nærmer seg, er det alltid noen shoppingplaner med i bildet. Selv liker jeg enten å gå på loppemarked(sjekk bla ut Tåsen skole denne helgen) eller vintageshopping. Jeg må innrømme at jeg liker best å gå alene, fordi da kan jeg bruke god tid, kose meg og gjerne helle møte venninner til kaffe. Med fare for å støte noen, mener jeg at det også er bedre fordi man ofte ender opp med å vile ha de samme tingene, selv om en har ulike stil. Men nå vil jeg høre deres mening, liker dere venninneshopping eller å shoppe alene? Ha en fantastisk helg alle sammen!

On the weekends I usually go shopping in one way or another. Usually I prefer to go alone, then meet up with friends for lunch and coffee. The reason is that I often find those gemstones on my own, and my friends often want the same things! And that always create a conflict. But it is also fun going shopping at H&M together, but thats not the same as vintage shopping. What do you prefer, shopping alone or with friends? Have a great weekend everyone!

torsdag 9. oktober 2008

Featured on Always in Style

Jeg er så heldig å bli omtalt på Always in Style Streat beat. At jeg ble plukket ut, synes jeg er helt fantastisk. Det gir meg energi og inspirasjon! Dette er noe av det jeg synes er det beste med bloggermiljøet, når du får tilbakemeldinger fra stilen din helt fra New York.
I am so honored to be featured on Always in Style! That my style in Oslo can cut it with women in New York, is to me beyond fabolous. This made my day!

Last Night

Var jeg på Grønland for H&M presentasjon av kolleksjonen til Comme Des Garcons for kjeden. Jeg kan røpe at plaggene er svært unike og spennende. Designer Rei Kawakubo står bak både både herre og damekolleksjonen, accessoarer og en unisex duft. Svarte og dype blåtoner, spesielle snitt og polkadottmønster preger kolleksjonen. Personlig synes jeg flere av jakkene var fine, samt en herreblazer i flott snitt og kvalitet. Jeg klarte desverre å glemme kameraet mitt hjemme i en annen jakke, så det ble ingen bilder denne gangen. Men jeg lover dere bilder fra butikken 13 november, når de legger ut kolleksjonen for salg. Kun 200 butikker i hele verden får denne kolleksjonen, så det gjelder å komme først til mølla. Hva er dine tanker? Kommer du til å være først i kø når de slipper kolleksjonen?

Last night I went to the presentation by H&M of the Comme Des Garcon in Oslo. It was exciting to see a preview of the collection designer Rei Kawakubo had designed for the chain. In some extent you can see her signature translated into more mainstream fashion which can be available to a lot more people. I liked the black and blue colors, the polkadots and some of the tailroing of the pieces. To me her pieces are fascinating and artsy, but few are really my style, obviously. However, I do think the collection will strike with the fashion forward. I am truly sorry, but I forgot my camera in another jacket, it was pouring rain and I was really in a bad mood when I got home. I am still upset that I forgot the camera, but that happens I suppose. What I wanna know is this. Its usually a big deal here in Norway about these collections. Last year I managed to get my hands on a Cavalli dress, just as I was doing a TV-piece on the madness. Yes, people get up early, stand in line and fight over it! One woman offered me 600 dollars for the dress that cost 150. So, my question is this: Will you fight to get your hands on one of these pieces? Do tell!

onsdag 8. oktober 2008

Laidback daytime looks

Photo: Frugal Fashionista

Elsker disse avslappede outfitsene til Kim Kasardian og Jessica Alba. Dette er to looks jeg definitivt koiperer i høst.

Love the laidback cool outfits of Jessica Alba and Kim Kasardian. Kims 70s style and color of the cardigan certainly appeals to me.

mandag 6. oktober 2008

First Day of Frost

Jacket: H&M
Dress: Cubus
Boots: Acne
Tights: H&M
Sunnies: Oliver Peoples
Scarf: Vero Moda
Første natten med frost. Det var trist å våkne opp til hvitt rim på bakken i dag tidlig. Kaldt var det også. Dro frem den gamle fuskepelsen som var en gave fra fetteren min sin kone, for seks år siden. Jeg elsker den forsatt og den holder seg bra, så den blir nok fast innventar i garderoben min denne høsten også. Superbusy på jobb idag, og mye jobb på meg om dagen. Trøster meg med at jeg hadde en fantastisk helg med deilig kos. Håper dere har en fin mandag!
I woke up this morning and not only was it freezing, it was white frost on the ground. In october, thats way to early. It was so cold I took out my faux fur and it kept me warm all day. This jacket was a gift from my cousins wife six years ago, and its still going strong. Anyway, it was a really hectic day at work, but we still managed a coffee run and a ten minute break in the sun. I know I am using a lot of the same clothes lately, but I have some exciting new stuff coming up. Hope you guys are having a great monday!

Testing: Shimmerbrick Glo Minerals

Dette er et ekte Hollywood produkt, som jeg anbefaler på varmeste. Jeg fikk teste Glo Mineral Shimmerbrick i fargen Luster, som passet perfekt til mine farger og min hud. Produktet fungerer som en rouge/blush/solpudder og gir fokus og shimmer i stjernestil. Produktet fremhever kinnbeina og gir en fantastisk naturlig glød. Til fest kan du også bruke det som highlighter og opp mot øyebrynene for å få et mer åpent blikk. Jeg gir denne terningkast 6 og kan bare si at shimmerbrick er fra nå av fast innventar i min sminkepung. Shimmerbrick får du kjøpt på Beautybasket. Husk at du trenger lite for å få en flott glød, så den er vel verdt investeringen. Anbefales!

I got Glo Mineral Shimmerbrick to try out from Beautybasket. Its a fantastic product that gives a real Hollywood glow. I love the you only need a small amount to get just enough shimmer, so you looked sunkissed and fresh. Its by far the best product I have tested so far. I highly recommend it, its perfect for both day and night. It gives an amazing glow and its all natural. Whats not to like?

søndag 5. oktober 2008

"I Die"

Thurley Lace dress of netaporter
Noen ganger bare ser du noe som er helt fantastisk. Hjertet løper løpsk og navnet ditt står på akkurat den kjolen eller de skoene. Denne blondekjolen er sexy, romantisk og forførende og ja, det står mitt navn på den:-

You know those times when you see something you just got to own? The shoe or dress that has your name on it? This dress is soo incredible. The lace is both romantic and seductive. And yes, thats my name on it:-

lørdag 4. oktober 2008

Saturday Shopping

Jeans: Acne
Vest: Bik Bok
Cardigan: Gina Tricot
Boots: H&M
Scarf: H&M
Handbag: Vintage Chanel
Jeg elsker lørdager. Det er så deilig å sove ut etter en lang uke. Liker å gå å titte i butikker, og bare nyte at jeg har fri. Gikk innom UFF, men fant ikke noe fint idag. Men på H&M fant jeg en blå cardigan med en fake pelskrave og en fake pelsjakke. Etter shopping drakk jeg og venninnen min deilig kaffe på kaffebrenneriet i Bogstadveien. Etter mye action denne uken skal det bli deilig å bare slappe av hjemme med hjemmelaget pizza og ekte rosa champagne. Livet er herlig!
I love Saturdays. Sleeping in, going downtown and do a little shopping. I also meet up with a good friend for coffee, and we had a great time. I tried to go thrifting, but there was not any goodies waiting for me today. I was a little disappointed, but I stopped by H&M and found a great cardigan with a faux-fur collar in a deep blue color. Its fab! I will post pictures pretty soon. Since we were our last weekend and I went to the Mango-party on Thursday, we are spending this Saturday home with homemade pizza and some pink champagne. Yum!
I have been tagged by the wonderful Emily of Cupcakes and Cashmere (two of my favorite things) for 11 little things about myself. Here goes:
1. Clothes Shop: My favorite is Tonica Vintage in Oslo, F21 and UU in the US.
2. Furniture Shop: Flea markets & Ikea
3. Sweet: M&Ms
4. City: I live in Oslo, but LOVE Los Angeles (miss it sooo much!)
5. Drink: Ruinard pink champagne
6. Music: Anything Madonna, Justin, Cafe del mar
7. TV-Series: The Rachel Zoe Project, The Hills, Greys Anatomy and Heroes.
8. Film: Kiss the Girls and Silence of the Lambs
9. Workout: Power walking
10. Pastries: Cupcakes (from Sprinkles in LA) and french chocolate croissants. Yum!
11. Coffee: Ice blended vanilla latte from Coffee Bean
Can you tell the pink theme? I am tagging: Pinton, Kira, Songy and S of Modern Guilt

fredag 3. oktober 2008

Interview with Monica Cruz

I had the pleasure of meeting Penèlope Cruz
sister, Monica Cruz yesterday. Dont they
look very alike?
I found her 50s style to be very inspiring.
The hair, the makeup and the dress, reminded
me of Film Noir and Sophia Loren. (The white
bag is the goody bag, but of course I regretted
taking it after I saw this).

Cape: H&M (from the breakfast shopping)
Jeans: Acne
Bag: Gucci
Igår var det åpning på Mangos nye butikk på Karl Johan. Søsteren til Penèlope Cruz, Monica Cruz var flydd inn for å kaste glans over åpningen og snakke om deres tredje kolleksjon for den spanske kjeden. Jeg var heldig nok til å få intervju henne, men hun snakket kun spansk, så vi snakket via en tolk. Det var uansett moro og hun var utrolig hyggelig og litt morsom. Hun hadde utstråling og en kul 50-tallsstil. Det var flere kjendiser som hadde tatt veien. Mira Craig, Elin Sogn og Aylar kastet også glans over eventet. Les mer om intervjuet i Du Denne Uken, neste fredag!

Last night, the chain Mango opened a new store in Oslo. In lieu of their limited edition collection designed by the famous Cruz sisters, Monica Cruz was flown in to make an apperance. I was lucky enough to interview her and meet a lot of cool people, so I had a really nice time. Cruz was very down to earth and nice, as she spoke of their inspiration behind the collection. Her 50s style is very inspirational.
S: What are you, as sisters inspired by?
M: I get inspired by watching old movies, especially black & white 50s movies. I love to travel and go see movies in the theatre. When me and my sister (Penèlope) grew up, we used to play around in our moms closet, alwasy dressing up.
S: Describe you and your sister style, do they differ?
M: Yes, very much. I dress more like a 50s movie star and Penèlope is much more classical in her style. I like formfitting dresses and skirts, she is more into jeans and have a very relaxed style when she is not on the red carpet. Even though we are close, we have very different personalities and we dress they we way we are and feel.

S: Is there someone you look up to regarding fashion?
M: My idol is Sofia Loren (no suprise!)and I strive for her sense of style.

S: Every celebrity is designing these days. Are you not afraid that people are tired of designer collections?
M: No, I feel that our collection is different and that we know what we are doing. And it appeals to a lot of women with curves.

S: Do you sometimes feel that you are in the shadow of your sister?
M: No, I am more known in Spain, than in Europe and US, and I am working on several movies. I have a wonderful relationship with my sister and brother.

S: Whats your favorite piece in the collection?
M: I love the dress I am wearing and I also love some of the classics, so the trenchcoat is a wonderful piece. It reminds me of 50-60s glamour.

My favorite: The LBD Monica was wearing and the faux fur bolero.

torsdag 2. oktober 2008


The beautiful sisters Penelope and Monica Cruz for Mango
Om et par timer skal jeg på åpningen av den nye Mangobutikken på Karl Johan. Skal blant annet intervjue en av søstrene om den nye kolleksjonen for den spanske kleskjeden. Klarer du å gjette hvem? Nå må jeg løpe å finne ut hva jeg skal ha på meg. Skal holde dere oppdatert!

In a couple of hours I am of to the new Mango store opening here in Oslo. Guess who I am interviewing? What to wear, what to ask and to little time to prepare. I will keep you posted! I am sorry I have not had time to respond to all your lovely comments, but I will get to it this weekend. Hope you all are having a fabolous thursday!

onsdag 1. oktober 2008

Behind the Scenes

Henriette in Purple, me in grey on the red chouch.

For en stund siden var jeg på OsloTV og pratet høstmote med Henriette Brusgaard. Espen, en god venn av meg tok disse bildene. Morsomt med behind the scenes bilder. Tusen takk Espen!

Do you remember a while back when I was on OsloTV talking fashion? My good friend Espen took these, and I thought they were so fun I wanted to share them with you all. Thank you for all your support and lovely feedback!