søndag 27. desember 2009

White Christmas

leila hafzi 1728

After three days of snowfall, it finally stopped snowing. But this is really what we call a white christmas. Every branch, tree and house is covered in snow. It feels a little like magic really. Hope you all are enjoying your holiday no matter if its snowing or the sun is shining.

Outfit: Trenchcoat Banana Republic, tights from Lindex, faux fur hat and gloves from H&M, shoes from Bianco and vintage Dior handbag.

torsdag 24. desember 2009

Happy Holidays

leila hafzi 1719

I love Christmas. Sleeping in, decorating the Christmas tree and just relax with family and friends. Outside the snow is falling, on the radio they are playing christmas songs, and I am enjoying it all with a big cup of hot chocolate. Tonight we are having the traditional Christmas dinner and opening the presents as we do here in Norway on Christmas Eve. I hope you all enjoy your holiday and have a wonderful time with your family and friends.

I wish you all a Merry Christmas!

Outfit: Dress and kardigan from F21, tights from Lindex, shoes from Pierre Hardy.

onsdag 16. desember 2009

Shopping at Target



I love Target. Whats not to love? Miles of clothing, make-up, furniture and a electronics department to leave your guy in. I always find tons of good stuff here, especially work out gear, cheap sunglasses and I also love their designer collaborations. I was hoping to see some Rodarte samples, but it was way to early. From what I have seen from pictures it really looks fab. Will you be shopping for Rodarte at Target?

Outfit: Joe`s jeans, top from Zara, shoes Old Navy, vintage Chanel handbag, sunglasses (just bought) from Target and a vanilla latte. Yum.

søndag 13. desember 2009

Cocktails in LA


Hope you all are having a wonderful sunday! Last night I was at the annual Christmas Party with work, and I was wearing this dress that I bought in NY. In LA, I used it when we went out for cocktails and drinks. I love to dress up, so it might not come as a suprise that I go all out when I have the possibility. Love the drapings of my new dress and the YSL-tribute shoes, that finally became mine. Have a wonderful sunday!

Outfit: Dress by Jessica McClintock at Macys, Yves Saint Laurent Tribute and bracelet from a jewelry shop in NY.

onsdag 9. desember 2009

New and Old Chanel

NYogLA2009 341

I managed to score this fantastic vintage Chanel bag for a steal at Michael`s Vintage in New York. I am so happy with it, its really amazing in size and the condition is very good for a vintage bag. I really wanted to add a shopper (to use everyday) to my collection. Its old from use, but new to me.

Outfit: Leather jacket from Voice, cardigan F21, boots and jeans from Acne, t-shirt from Old Navy, scarf from H&M and vintage Chanel handbag from Michael`s.

torsdag 3. desember 2009

New Shoes

NYogLA2009 291

I finally managed to get my hands on a pair of cool leopard boots in New York. They were on sale, so it was a real bargain. These make any outfit pop and I am planning on wearing them to at least one christmasparty. Love NY in the evening, going out for drinks and good food, we had so much fun. Bryant Park was so different without the fashion tents, but it was lovely with the stands and ice rink.
Outfit: Jeans and faux fur from Cubus, jacket from Voice, scarf from H&M and new shoes from Aldo.

mandag 30. november 2009

New York

NYogLA2009 064

I am so sorry about not updating for the last two weeks. But I have been on a much needed vacation in New York & Los Angeles. I have had so much fun meeting up with old and new friends. Sometimes a boost is needed and this was definitely it. I will post pictures from my trip and all my recent shopping excursions, I got so many great bargains on our trip. Two days of bad weather did not stop us from enjoying New York. Picked up this big umbrella right away and that kept me dry and stylish the whole day. Love Central Park and the Boathouse. We went both a sunday for brunch and another day for lunch. Great food and lovely atmosphere. Highly recommended!

Outfit: Jacket from Tonica, kardigan from F21, fauxfurvest from Cubus, boots from Acne, scarf from H&M and vintage Chanel handbag.

onsdag 11. november 2009

Getting my hair done


On Saturday I went and had my hair done. Dont you love those moments when you just get to sit there and relax? And the texture and color of the hair afterwards? Pure luxury and indulgence, just like it should be(Thanks Anki!). Hope you all are having a great week? I have been running around looking at a cool jeans line and trying to get together some Christmas presents. I dont want to be stressing with that come December. Have you startet Christmas shopping already?

Outfit: Leather jacket from Voice, sweater from Levis, jeans from Cubus, scarf from H&M, boots from DinSko and Marc by Marc Jacobs handbag.

mandag 2. november 2009

A night at the Opera


Just got home from a night at the Opera. Where I experienced three ballet stories from Spanish Nacho Duato. The new Norwegian Opera House is really worth a visit if you are ever in Oslo. It is situated by the sea like a huge stone of ice. The architecture is amazing and a real treat for those with a love for design. Thank you for all the wonderful comments on the post below!
Wearing: H&M sequin dress, Lindex tights, Zara handbag, Forever21 cardigan and Whyred boots.

lørdag 24. oktober 2009

Faux Fur

siljetopp 064

siljetopp 078

This jacket was one of the bargains I picked up in New York during NY Fashion Week. Its so fluffy and warm and perfect for Norways chilly fall weather. I love the fall colors, the way everything just get so fresh, the colors, smells and the crisp air. Today I am meeting some friends and just relaxing after a week filled with press viewings of next spring & summer fashion, and viewing of the new Jimmy Choo line for H&M. I am definitely getting my hands on one of the dresses and a clutch, when it hits stores at the 14 of November. Hope you are having a wonderful saturday!

Outfit: Jacket from H&M, jeans from Cubus, topp from Lindex Party Collection and my new favorite boots from Bianco. Photo: AC

fredag 16. oktober 2009

Fall Colors

leila hafzi 1429

leila hafzi 1422

leila hafzi 1416

I love fall and the rich colors. I am also so happy its Friday, I am all up for shopping, good breakfast, reading tons of magazines and sleeping in. Now I am off to visit some friends, cant say no to good company and a glass of wine on a Friday night! Whats your favorite part of the weekend?
Outfit: Cardigan and clutch fra Zara, Skirt fra H&M, shoes from Whyred and vintage YSL belt.

fredag 9. oktober 2009

Black & Grey

leila hafzi 1231

Hi everybody, Hope you all are having a great friday!
I spent yesterday working on different projects but also meeting up with friend Line for a nice lunch in the sun. Its getting colder here and I find myself being drawn to black and greys. But I have not given up on color yet, grey and pink is another favorite of mine that I will be wearing very soon. I am also so into the Alexander Wang braid, its the perfect hairdo for bad hairdays. I just tease my hair, put in some longer extensions and braid it from the side. A five minute perfection. This weekend I am off to visit one of my favorite vintage shops, so hope I hope to pick up some good bargains.
Have a great weekend!
Outfit: Jacket from Tonica Vintage, cardigan Forever21, suede skirt from H&M Exclusive, boots by Acne and handbag from Zara. Photo by Line Kirkhus.

fredag 2. oktober 2009

Fall in Oslo

leila hafzi 886
Its really getting cold in Oslo. This is what I was wearing a couple of days ago and one of my favorite outfits for fall. Besides all the faux fur I have picked up, a leather jacket and the studded bag from Zara is perfect wardrobe essentials for me. I also try to wear my open toe shoes as long as possible, so over the knee socks are a great solution. I have not found any over knee boots that I like yet, I think many ends up looking like Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman, but the search continues this weekend.
Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

Outfit: Leather jacket from Voice, wool jacket and shoes from Zara, over knee socks from Pierre Robert, Levis denimshorts, scarf from H&M.

fredag 25. september 2009

More from New York

leila hafzi 442

First night, we went out for dinner and got organized.

leila hafzi 506

On the set of Sex and the City 2! We saw Kim Cattrall in action and 80s costume.

leila hafzi 473

Me and Merete visiting that famous doorstep. You know who lives here, right?

leila hafzi 462

At the Sand-Galleri in West Village

leila hafzi 909

At Rachel Antonoffs fashion show in Brooklyn.

leila hafzi 923

At Fashions Night Out me and Merete met up with Alexander Wang. Nicest guy ever.

leila hafzi 916

And celebrated with a glass of bubbles!

I cant really believe its been two weeks since New York Fashion Week already. But you know what they say, time flies. We had such a wonderful time, even though we worked a lot. It was so much happening at the same time. Fashion shows, interviews, events, shopping and fun, fun, fun. I am so sorry about the late update, but I hope you enjoy it.
My favorite moments from New York: Dancing with Alexander Wang (really!), Interview with Phillip Lim behind 3.1 Phillip Lim, Opening of Fashion Week, BCBG fashion show, Fashions Night Out (bananas!), shopping, sushi and vintageshopping. Thanks to Janet for the Divine Award!

torsdag 10. september 2009

New York Fashion Week

leila hafzi 579

leila hafzi 630

Hi Everybody! Hope you all are having a great time. I am in New York, covering New York Fashion Week and having a fab time. If you want to follow my adventures head over to minMote, because I dont think I will have time to update both blogs. We are working extremely long days to cover everything, and yesterday I got to be on the set of SATC 2! So much fun seeing Kim Cattrall in 80s costume. Today I was at the BCBG fashion show and had to pinch myself when Anna Wintour, Kate Lanphear, Suzy Menkes was sitting a couple of rows in front of me. I also met up with fellow blogger Rumi, such a sweet girl. Dont forget to check out the pictures and videos at minMote!

fredag 28. august 2009

Fab Friday!

Bilde 1028

Just got home from work and finshed watching The Rachel Zoe Project, Season 2, courtesy of Youtube. I must say that I love the show, its hilarious and fun on so many levels. Season 2 did not yet disappoint and it all seemed like crazy madness fashion bananas! I am dealing with my own crazy life of the moment, I am telling you, theres just not enough hours in a day to make it all work. Next week I have fittings, clients, a makeover, and on Saturday I am going to be part of a huge event at Jernbanetorget, a fashion show and party that will last all day. If you live in Oslo, you should check it out at minmote.no
In between it all, I always have time for shopping, so I bought these pants with leather patches and the tie lace wedges that I love already. Have a great weekend!

Wearing: Mens shirt from H&M, pants from Gina Tricot, shoes Bianco and bracelets from ebay, Karma and H&M.

fredag 21. august 2009

Fashion Week Bananas

Bilde 1012

Last week was Fashion Week in Oslo and I worked 24/7, so I am sorry there have been no updates. For my Norwegian readers, you have hopefully been following my blog at minMote. It was a great week, filled with great fashion shows and lots of inspiration. Now, I am so behind on everything, that I need to figure out what all of you have been doing! Hopefully I will be able to catch up over the weekend.
Here is a picture (sorry about the bad quality) from the opening day of Fashion Week, I am wearing blouse and jeans from Zara, shoes from Nine West, lots of silver bracelets (addicted) and Marc by Marc handbag.

onsdag 12. august 2009

Oslo Fashion Week

Hi everybody, I am currently covering Oslo Fashion Week and you can see all of my pictures from the shows at minMote. Its cool madness and lots of great Norwegian designers, so I am urging you to take a look. I am sorry that I dont have time to update both blogs, but hope you will be visiting my Norwegian blog.

fredag 7. august 2009

Happy Friday!

Bilde 426
I got this award from the ever so lovely Janet and it comes with the notion of revealing 10 interesting things about yourself. So here we go:
1. I always double check that the coffee/teamaker has been switched of, I also check that all the doors are locked, twice.
2. I cant live without chocolate, it would literally kill me. My favorites are M&Ms or Norwegian chocolate and I only need one little piece a day.
3. There is nothing quite like windowshopping in another country. I can spend hours in front of a beautiful store, if the window display is beautiful enough.
4. I am a Gemini, so I am very impatient. I always start a new project before I finish another. I also have dual sides, my husbands always jokes about that he married to different girls.
5. I am always on the hunt for vintagetreasures both clothes and furniture. To me they hold a story, a different kind of life, which makes them very interesting.
6. I hate the cold. I know, I live in the wrong country. Thats why I loved LA and the four years we spent there. There something about the sun that always make me in a good mood and put a smile on my face.
7. I love my job and I love fashion. I guess people say that all the time, but really, I believe I am very blessed. I could not imagine getting up in the morning if I was not passionate about what I do.
8. I use to always put myself down. I still do, but I am getting better. Believing in yourself and that you can do it no matter what, is a thing I think a lot of women struggle with.
9. I have to read before I go to bed. Its like I need to turn out the lights with something else than fashion. Preferably crime novels. The worse, the better.
10. I love Rachel Zoe. I know lots of people hate her and all that, but I do find her funny and see her as a woman of inspiration. She knows her stuff and shes sticking to it. Thats to me, is good business sense and dedication.
Enough about me! If you havent gotten this award, I am giving it to you!
Wearing: Pants and top from H&M, shoes from Aldo and sequincape of ebay.

onsdag 29. juli 2009

Norwegian Summer

Bilde 559
My days off are spent by the ocean, drinking the last rays of summer and having a great time with friends and family. Hope you are enjoying the summer as much as I am. On the days with rain and bad weather, I am contemplating my fall wardrobe and what will be my key items for fall. Have you startet fall shopping yet?

torsdag 23. juli 2009

A Little Bit of Jerry

Bilde 428

Bilde 443

I love that glamorous look immortalized by supermodel Jerry Hall in the 80s. That sideswept hair is back in fashion, and I could not wait to try it out. So, for tonights party I opted for a new hairdo and som red lips. Wanna see some cool girls in great jumpsuits? Head over to Blueisinfashionthisyear!

mandag 20. juli 2009

Bubble Skirt

Bilde 1011

This was taken a couple of days ago, when we were going out for dinner. I am not so sure about the bubble skirt, but it kind of grows on me. However, I do LOVE the blue shoes, so I need to use them frequently. They do bring a splash of color to any outfit and they make my legs look so long. Which is always a good thing! Hope you are having a great monday!
Wearing: Gina Tricot jeans jacket, skirt from BikBok, tee from Cubus and shoes from Zara.

lørdag 11. juli 2009

These shoes are made for walking

Bilde 235

Bilde 238

Bilde 237

Or maybe not, but they are divine! They are going to be the summers dancing shoes, I am in love the blue electric color. I am off to do some bargain hunting at the sales and vintagestores, since the weather is a little gloomy. Perfect way to spend a saturday. Hope you all have an amazing weekend!!

Wearing: Blazer & shoes from Zara, Tights from Gina Tricot.

søndag 5. juli 2009

4 of july celebration

Bilde 206

Hope you all had a wonderful 4 of July weekend! I spent the weekend sunbathing by the sea and reading magazines. In the evening I barbecued with friends, had some good food and great wine. I had a blast in my new outfit, which was a real bargain on sale.
Top: H&M, shorts: Lindex and shoes of ebay.

fredag 26. juni 2009

New summer dress

Outfit: Dress: H&M, Shoes: Bianco, Sunglasses: Ray-Ban and vintage Chanel handbag.
I am in love. You all know I love dresses, and this cought my eye right away. It reminds me of something of the Gucci spring catwalk. But at a price I can afford. I love the blue snakeskin print.

After a crazy day at the office, I mean can you believe the King of Pop is dead? Michael Jackson was one of my favorite artists and style icons in the late 80s. It still feels surreal and very sad that he has passed. I will always remember him as a style icon with that sequin glove, military jackets (so Balmain) and sequined jackets. Billy Jean is a classic I will never tire off.

I also popped by Zara today, and got some amazing high heels in blue on sale that goes perfect with this dress. Summer indeed. Happy friday, everyone!
Read more Norwegian fashion updates everyday at minMote.

onsdag 17. juni 2009

Birthday Girl

Bilde 976
My birthday was spent in the studio working on a new project and at the Norwegian ELLE party, were I had a blast! After I headed back home to dinner, wine and flowers from my husband.
Wearing vintage dress from Beyond Retro, Jessica Simpson heels and clutch from Zara. Thanks for all the wonderful text messages and emails congratulations!

søndag 14. juni 2009

Party Girl

Bilde 019
Wearing: Zara blazer, vintagetop from San Francisco, Current Elliott jeans, Aldo shoes and a vintage handbag that I bought in Copenhagen.
Hope you all had an amazing weekend, I know I did. Summer has arrived in Oslo and I could not be more happy. For a party with new colleagues I choose sequins and jeans, as that always is a winner in my book. And yes, I have a thing for those Aldo shoes! Hope you all have a wonderful sunday!

onsdag 3. juni 2009


Thanks to the lovely Sharon and Janettaylor for presenting me this award! I am so happy I started to blog and became a part of such a positive and energetic community. I again pass this on to:
The fantastic blog La Mimi, if you have not visited her site, you should head right there!
Aurela for her inspirational outfits post.
Krystal, my alter ego when it comes to the love of all things vintage and the 70s.
Meagan, who is just so fab that it is beyond words.

torsdag 28. mai 2009

Totally Plaid

Bilde 947

Hope you all are well! I am running around trying to get everything ready for the long weekend, since we have monday off. Today I am wearing one of my husbands old shirts (which does not fit him anymore) and Acne jeans, the best butt lifting jeans I know. Shoes from Aldo and sunglasses from Gina Tricot. I wish you all a wonderful thursday and a great weekend! Dont forget to check out minMote for fashion updates everyday.

søndag 17. mai 2009

Pretty in pink

Bilde 917

Bilde 914
Dress Ted Baker, jacket from Zara, shoes from Aldo.

I spent this years National Day having a champagnebrunch in pretty colors. The outfit actually reminds me of one of the colorful outfits Carrie wore in an old episode of SATC. Hope you all had a lovely National Day and a great weekend!
PS: Thanks for all your wonderful comments, it always means so much. Sjekk ut minMote for daglige moteoppdateringer.

torsdag 14. mai 2009


Bilde 787

Bilde 812
Jacket: Tonica Vintage, t-shirt, Old Levis shorts and shoes from Aldo.

I have never been a fan of the navy and sailor style. Maybe because it sometimes is to much. But this t-shirt from H&M is a new favorite for spring. Its fresh, fun and just the right touch of this style. Oh and I also got to see H&Ms fall collection today, and it looks amazing. Cant wait to wear it in the fall, but for now I am enjoying my summer days.

onsdag 6. mai 2009

The LBD, My Way

Bilde 815

Bilde 783

Bilde 864

Dress: Cubus, Shoes: Aldo, Bracelets: Vintage.

This Weekend we got a taste of summer and it was amazing. I cant wait to wear my summer dresses and this new LDB, that I was a bargain at saturdays shopping spree. I love the fabric, the lines, it is so simple, yet so beautiful. Will you be wearing a LDB this summer? Dont forget to check out all my daily updates at minMote!
PS: I had some problems with my domaine, but thats all fixed now.