fredag 19. mars 2010

Cosmopolitan Beauty Awards


Yesterday I was invited to the Cosmopolitan Beauty Awards in Oslo. I had a blast relaxing with friends and listening to A1. Had a minor fashion crisis before going out, but picked up this light pink dress at the last minute. It felt wonderful dressing in lighter colors and I love the neckdetail. Pictured with Eva-Charlotte Stenberg, a TV-presenter in Norway, such a lovely girl. Today I am exhausted, but it was a great party, so all worth it. Have a lovely weekend!

Outfit: Blazer from Zara, Dress fra H&M, Boots from Whyred and a vintage clutch.

søndag 14. mars 2010

Purple Haze


Bought this wonderful fluffy jacket in Copenhagen while running around between Fashion Shows. Love the purple color, the picture does not do it any justice. Thank you for all your nice comments! I am finally feeling a little better and getting my energy back, it has been 2 very hectic and fun months. As you can see, it is still a lot of snow, but its slowly starting to melt. Oh, and I just ordered these, how fab, cant wait until they arrive!

Outfit: Jacket from Weekday vintage, tights and sunglasses from Gina Tricot, Whyred boots, vintage Chanel handbag and ring from Glitter.

onsdag 10. mars 2010



Went shopping yesterday and found the perfect trenchcoat for spring. For me the cut, style and shape is very important. Love the puff sleeves on this one, definitely a keeper from Zara. Cant wait for warmer weather and the sun. Sorry for not blogging as much as usual. Being sick really wiped me out and lately I have had zero energy. Hope to relax this weekend and get my energy back. I am working on several exciting projects that I will share with you soon. Hope you all are well and having a great week!