fredag 28. august 2009

Fab Friday!

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Just got home from work and finshed watching The Rachel Zoe Project, Season 2, courtesy of Youtube. I must say that I love the show, its hilarious and fun on so many levels. Season 2 did not yet disappoint and it all seemed like crazy madness fashion bananas! I am dealing with my own crazy life of the moment, I am telling you, theres just not enough hours in a day to make it all work. Next week I have fittings, clients, a makeover, and on Saturday I am going to be part of a huge event at Jernbanetorget, a fashion show and party that will last all day. If you live in Oslo, you should check it out at
In between it all, I always have time for shopping, so I bought these pants with leather patches and the tie lace wedges that I love already. Have a great weekend!

Wearing: Mens shirt from H&M, pants from Gina Tricot, shoes Bianco and bracelets from ebay, Karma and H&M.

fredag 21. august 2009

Fashion Week Bananas

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Last week was Fashion Week in Oslo and I worked 24/7, so I am sorry there have been no updates. For my Norwegian readers, you have hopefully been following my blog at minMote. It was a great week, filled with great fashion shows and lots of inspiration. Now, I am so behind on everything, that I need to figure out what all of you have been doing! Hopefully I will be able to catch up over the weekend.
Here is a picture (sorry about the bad quality) from the opening day of Fashion Week, I am wearing blouse and jeans from Zara, shoes from Nine West, lots of silver bracelets (addicted) and Marc by Marc handbag.

onsdag 12. august 2009

Oslo Fashion Week

Hi everybody, I am currently covering Oslo Fashion Week and you can see all of my pictures from the shows at minMote. Its cool madness and lots of great Norwegian designers, so I am urging you to take a look. I am sorry that I dont have time to update both blogs, but hope you will be visiting my Norwegian blog.

fredag 7. august 2009

Happy Friday!

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I got this award from the ever so lovely Janet and it comes with the notion of revealing 10 interesting things about yourself. So here we go:
1. I always double check that the coffee/teamaker has been switched of, I also check that all the doors are locked, twice.
2. I cant live without chocolate, it would literally kill me. My favorites are M&Ms or Norwegian chocolate and I only need one little piece a day.
3. There is nothing quite like windowshopping in another country. I can spend hours in front of a beautiful store, if the window display is beautiful enough.
4. I am a Gemini, so I am very impatient. I always start a new project before I finish another. I also have dual sides, my husbands always jokes about that he married to different girls.
5. I am always on the hunt for vintagetreasures both clothes and furniture. To me they hold a story, a different kind of life, which makes them very interesting.
6. I hate the cold. I know, I live in the wrong country. Thats why I loved LA and the four years we spent there. There something about the sun that always make me in a good mood and put a smile on my face.
7. I love my job and I love fashion. I guess people say that all the time, but really, I believe I am very blessed. I could not imagine getting up in the morning if I was not passionate about what I do.
8. I use to always put myself down. I still do, but I am getting better. Believing in yourself and that you can do it no matter what, is a thing I think a lot of women struggle with.
9. I have to read before I go to bed. Its like I need to turn out the lights with something else than fashion. Preferably crime novels. The worse, the better.
10. I love Rachel Zoe. I know lots of people hate her and all that, but I do find her funny and see her as a woman of inspiration. She knows her stuff and shes sticking to it. Thats to me, is good business sense and dedication.
Enough about me! If you havent gotten this award, I am giving it to you!
Wearing: Pants and top from H&M, shoes from Aldo and sequincape of ebay.