onsdag 10. mars 2010



Went shopping yesterday and found the perfect trenchcoat for spring. For me the cut, style and shape is very important. Love the puff sleeves on this one, definitely a keeper from Zara. Cant wait for warmer weather and the sun. Sorry for not blogging as much as usual. Being sick really wiped me out and lately I have had zero energy. Hope to relax this weekend and get my energy back. I am working on several exciting projects that I will share with you soon. Hope you all are well and having a great week!

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Zepequeña sa...



FashionHippieLoves sa...

I think so too: a trench is perfect for spring.
You look gorgeous in that trenchcoat, looks like the Zara coat. Is it from Zara?


Liv sa...

If that's a Zara trench I just got the exact same one and I can't wait for it to warm up a few more degrees so I can wear it! It's so perfect!

stilettolover91 sa...

I love it!!! It looks gorgeous on you!!


Sniff sa...

Veldig feminin og søt utgave av trenchcoaten. Hvis ikke det hadde vært for at jeg allerede hadde en liknende, ville jeg ha styrtet avgårde til Zara og fått tak i denne fluksens.

Les Fleurs sa...

Nydelig trench!

Editor sa...

love the coat!

D e g a i n e


vicen sa...

Pretty raincoat, I hope you soon recover your vitality.
Health and much affection for you.

SR@MyStyle sa...

Hi there-a fabulous trench and hope you are feeling back on track too, take care!!

Maskenlady sa...

Looks great. I love my trench as well :D

Anonym sa...





Emilie sa...

Love it! A trench is the perfect item for spring!
You look beautiful!

Marte sa...

oh,den var fin silje :)

janettaylor sa...

So so classy! Love it!

Haleigh sa...

Hi there! I just found your blog through a comment that you made on a friends blog and I have to say WOW. CHIC CHIC CHIC, you have got some of the the best style out there.

Thanks for the inspiration and stop by my blog sometime!

xoxo BardotinBlue

Make Do Style sa...

Looks great and I love that trench coat - trouble is will all begone when I've got some funds.

Suits you wonderfully xx

Anonym sa...

I love this trench> I have a thing for puff sleeves even though U don't have many tops with this kind of sleeves


Dotti sa...

Silje, haven't been here for a while. And the first thing I see is this trench which I recently spotted and fell in love with, too. But couldn't afford in that moment... :(

Shop Mimi's Closet sa...

I absolutely LOVE your trench! There is nothing like a cute trench to make Spring that much more haute! Also, I adore your blog.. please come and check out mine when you can at: (www.shopmimiscloset.blogspot.com) Enjoy your fabulous trench:)


WendyB sa...

Love the shoulders!

Corie sa...

I love the trench...very cute

Poster Girl sa...

The trench fits you perfectly and looks amazingly chic. I always have a hard time finding one with a good fit since I'm petite. Your photo makes me want to find the perfect one even more.

www.majormusthaves.com sa...

Classic look. You are beautiful.

Hypeed.com ☀☀ sa...

You're right, this trench is simply perfect!

xx Alex