onsdag 19. mai 2010

Photo Shoot



Last week we spent a whole day playing dress up in the studio. Love the looks and we had such a fun day working it in front of the camera, taking new pictures for minMote. The red dress (a favorite) is vintage, borrowed from a very cool store called Flashdance in Oslo, while I am wearing a dress from H&M Fashion Against Collection (which will be available in stores tomorrow) in the last picture. Shoes are from Aldo. I am thinking about buying both dresses, what do you think?

11 kommentarer:

FashionHippieLoves sa...

lovely pics


ediot sa...

du er så nydelig silje!
håper dere har det göy med den nye praktikanten!;)
ha en super uke!

janettaylor sa...

me too, that red dress is stunning on U! :)

Anonym sa...

I have a preference for the first

one if you have to chose. i don't like the prints on the second....


Mother of Style sa...

Definately both! They suit you :)

Emilie sa...

I love both dresses!
So cute!
And it looks like you had so much fun :)

Anonym sa...

Looks like so much fun! Both dresses are great :)

Make Do Style sa...

Love seeing shoots even when I'm not involved!

Pixie Dust sa...

Lovely blog :))
I would love to invite you to my make-up & accessories giveaway! :)) Check it out here:


Can't wait to hear from you <3

vicen sa...

The red dress is amazing.

Trendy Gourmandise sa...

nice !

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