onsdag 13. oktober 2010


I love the crisp fall weather in Oslo. The air is so clean and the colors are beautiful, so I try ro spend as much time outside as possible. One of the best things about fall is lounging around in big sweaters, hot chocolate and spending time inside by the fire. What do you love about fall?

Outfit: Sweater Velouria Vintage, skirt from H&M, boots from Tamaris.

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Audrey Marie sa...

new to your blog - love your style!

Emilie sa...

Love that cosy outfit!
What I love about fall?
Well...you must know that fall is definitely my favorite season!!!
I love watching movies at home when it's cold outside, sipping tea in front of the fire, the colors of the trees, playing with more clothes, drinking hot chocolate, Halloween....

janettaylor sa...

I love that sweater! :)




vv sa...

love ur blog, great post;)

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Iben sa...

stilig! Elsker grovstrikkede gensre, og din var kjempefin!

Natali sa...

The picture is very pretty and I love the style.

mcQueenBeep* sa...

Love it!


vicen sa...

Nice look, the fall has all the charm in all colors, I like to see how they dress the trees.
Greetings from Spain.

FashionJazz sa...

Love your sweater! : ) x

Anonym sa...

Absolutely love your chunky knit sweater.

Hanna sa...

Wow that is such an amzing outfit! Looks so good on you!


Carmen sa...

You look goregeous, the background it's amazing.



blivbook sa...

looking warm and sweet! Very delicate sweater

Cheers, B & Liv
B L I V B O O K: darling&diva ♥

Anonym sa...

love ur blog^^

i will follow u know
I'd also appreciate it if u follow my blog, too?:)




vicen sa...

Sorry late to comment, much work.

El'Aundra sa...

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Anonym sa...

I'm obsessed with those boots!! cute look!