søndag 5. april 2009

Black & Pink

Bilde 695
Outfit: Dress and blazer from H&M, shoes from INC, leather jacket Voice of Europe, pashminascarf and vintage Chanel handbag.

I have decided to post here once or twice a week for now. You will see all of my new posts at minmote, which is updated every day. Be sure to check it out here. Yesterday I went to a birthday dinner at my favorite restaurant in Oslo, Dinner. It was a lot of fun and really good food. Easter break is coming up and it is quite in the city, which is wonderful for a change. I look forward to relaxing, going to the movies and meeting up with friends. Hope you are having a wonderful sunday. PS: Thanks to lovely blogger Vicen for giving me the Look 10 Award!

26 kommentarer:

janettaylor sa...

Hi Silje,

As always I love Ur outfit. Nude pink and black combination are perfect! :)

Have a great Sunday: Janet

Sharon Rose sa...

Hi there-such a gorgeous spring outfit my dear, enjoy the rest of your weekend!

Anonym sa...

That is so pretty! Dressed amazing and on a Sunday!!

The Stiletto Effect sa...

Perfect outfit!

clairegrenade sa...

great use of black!!

Anonym sa...

You look great as always!

Trisch xo

Le Tasché sa...

I like the soft chiffon skirt in combination with the jacket.

Savvy Mode SG sa...

super cute oufit with a romantic touch.

♥ fashion chalet sa...

Thanks, darling<3
Love that dress!!


Anonym sa...

great and chic look, smart and feminine with the nude pink and black for elegance.

vicen sa...

For you to be an authentic look you dedicate this award 10.

Anonym sa...

another fantastic outfit! I love the softness of the dress paired with the rocker edge of that leather jacket :-)

janettaylor sa...

Hi Silje -I've tagged you, see my topical post. :)

xoxo: Janet

Kira Fashion sa...

You are all that I wanna be :)))

Kisses and kisses,

Couture Carrie sa...

Gorgeous, S! Love this combo - that skirt is divine!


escritora sa...

i love it! :)

Juliet sa...

So nice you decided not to leave this blog compleatly!

You're so chic as always!

juliet xxx

FindCottage.ca sa...

I adore the pale pink on you...it's a really flattering shade :)
Happy Easter and enjoy the peacefulness of the city,while it lasts...hehe


M sa...

The little hint of pale pink is so cute. Let spring in slowllly hahaha

Fashion Tidbits sa...

i love, LOVE that dress!

The Stiletto Effect sa...

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Claudia sa...

this is lovely

FrouFrouu sa...

I love the colours, the nude pink against leather, is gorgeous.


Cindy sa...

you loik very fabulous and that outfit
and with your smile you seems to be very nice ^^

xoxo from Paris

Fashionista* sa...

gorgeous outfit!
i really like it

Anonym sa...