søndag 13. februar 2011

Fashion Weeks



I been super busy with Fashion Weeks, and its been a lot of fun. If you want to see my interviews, they are all over at minmote.no, but most of them are in norwegian. This upcoming week its Oslo Fashion Week and then its of to London. Cant wait to get away from the snow!

In Copenhagen and Stockholm I was able to walk around in shoes, not boots, what a luxury! I also bought a pair of Maison Martin Margiela phyton shoes (on the last picture) on sale for 70 percent off, nice bargain. I also got the pink pants from CM for 10 dollars, quite happy with my shopping, even though that was all I had time for.

Outfit1: Jacket from Zara, sweater Cubus, pants Cheap Monday, handbag Balenciagia, pumps Vince Camuto.

Oufit2: Jacket from Zara, sunglasses Marc Jacobs, pants from Cubus, shoes from Maison Martin Margiela.

13 kommentarer:

santhi sa...

I'm love with first look and this pants!


Karobaro sa...

Your coat is beautiful! Enjoy!

janettaylor sa...

Love those shoes! MMM is great choice and those leopard are super sexy! Lucky lucky U, darling Silje!


cristina sa...

Buenos looks!!! Besoss

It's me you're looking for sa...

i love the first outfit, the pink pants and the classy coat

MargieF sa...

i like how simple your coat is. its so stylish but not fussy- lovely!

Liv sa...

The first look is absolute perfection!


Emilie sa...

Love the first look!!! My fav!
Are you going to Paris for Fashion Week?

Siljesfashion sa...

Hi Emilie!

Sadly I am not going to Paris, but maybe we can meet up there in the fall? Hope you have a wonderful time!

Juliet sa...

I love your outfits here!

Juliet xxx

Bella Harris sa...

You're looking styled and beautiful as ever! Hope you're well... I miss you! xxx


agnes sa...

supers looks, j'aime beaucoup les deux
Il est magnifique ton manteau

*chameleon* sa...

u look so pretty,i want your hot pink pants!!:)) fab style and blog...following u...keep up with great work!;)