fredag 7. august 2009

Happy Friday!

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I got this award from the ever so lovely Janet and it comes with the notion of revealing 10 interesting things about yourself. So here we go:
1. I always double check that the coffee/teamaker has been switched of, I also check that all the doors are locked, twice.
2. I cant live without chocolate, it would literally kill me. My favorites are M&Ms or Norwegian chocolate and I only need one little piece a day.
3. There is nothing quite like windowshopping in another country. I can spend hours in front of a beautiful store, if the window display is beautiful enough.
4. I am a Gemini, so I am very impatient. I always start a new project before I finish another. I also have dual sides, my husbands always jokes about that he married to different girls.
5. I am always on the hunt for vintagetreasures both clothes and furniture. To me they hold a story, a different kind of life, which makes them very interesting.
6. I hate the cold. I know, I live in the wrong country. Thats why I loved LA and the four years we spent there. There something about the sun that always make me in a good mood and put a smile on my face.
7. I love my job and I love fashion. I guess people say that all the time, but really, I believe I am very blessed. I could not imagine getting up in the morning if I was not passionate about what I do.
8. I use to always put myself down. I still do, but I am getting better. Believing in yourself and that you can do it no matter what, is a thing I think a lot of women struggle with.
9. I have to read before I go to bed. Its like I need to turn out the lights with something else than fashion. Preferably crime novels. The worse, the better.
10. I love Rachel Zoe. I know lots of people hate her and all that, but I do find her funny and see her as a woman of inspiration. She knows her stuff and shes sticking to it. Thats to me, is good business sense and dedication.
Enough about me! If you havent gotten this award, I am giving it to you!
Wearing: Pants and top from H&M, shoes from Aldo and sequincape of ebay.

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jayne sa...

love the sequin caplet! gorgeous!

I'm a true gemini too. I always get antsy meaning I fidget constantly & get bored easily. I definitely start too many books at once (I need to read before bed too, its just a nice mini escape & tires out my eyes) as evidence of this. Also, I have 2 sides too. I can be perfectly charming in public, but sometimes nuts in front of my family haha

fashion herald sa...

ahh, gemini here too, and quite similar characteristics! we're a bit of a challenge, but fun at parties!

Sharon Rose sa...

Hi my dear-well done on the award, and as you know, being a fellow Gemini I can relate to a few of your points, especially the love of vintage and hating the cold too! A lovely outfit too my dear, have a good weekend!

Suzanne sa...

nice shoes!

Make Do Style sa...

Good answers and have to agree with you re Rachel Zoe she is that duality of clever and dreadful!

Emilie sa...

Love the sequincape!!!!


I love this little touch of gold!
Wish you a great time friend!
You are fantastic!

Savvy Gal sa...

reading your list, i find myself saying me too, me too....

Mina sa...

utrolig kult antrekk!

thischicksgotstyle sa...

Beautiful outfit!!

vicen sa...


Eva Internazionale sa...

You're pretty cool! Your blog definitely has something. Hope the fashion week was a success. :)