fredag 31. desember 2010



Hope you had a wonderful Christmas! 2010 was an amazing year in so many ways, I got to travel, meet exciting people and carry on with my dream job. I am so thankfull for everything in my life, family and friends, and being part of such a great community. I never dreamt that all this could happen. I look forward to everything 2011 has to offer. Wish you all the best for the new year!

10 kommentarer:

Jasmin sa...

amazing dress - you look wonderful!!!


Fashionista sa...

Happy new year!!!!!!!!

MyStyle sa...

Hi my dear-you look so radiant and stylish, I'm so pleased 2010 was such a good year for you, wishing you much success and happiness for 2011 too xx

Vivien Caffey sa...

Hi there! That dress looks perfect on you! Happy New Year!


janettaylor sa...

Happy New Year, my dear!

Iben sa...

Høres ut som du har hatt et fantastisk år. Jeg håper det neste blir enda bedre. Og du ser fantastisk ut i rosa, rett og slett nydelig.

Hilsen Iben

Emilie sa...

Wow!!!! You look wonderful in that dress! Pink suits you well ;) Wish you all the best for 2011!!!!!! xx

Make Do Style sa...

Have a wonderful 2011 xx

The Hause Of Beauty sa...

Lovely style. You wear it very elegant.

Anonym sa...

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