mandag 7. april 2008

Hot pink and mellow yellow


Sarah Jessica Parker og Byrdie Bell kjører sin egen touch på det meste og resulatet er quirky cool. Liker spesielt SJPs leopardveske mikset med den rosa jakken og den gule brosjen..

Love both of the style of these amazing ladies. I especially like the way Sarah Jessica Parker mixes it up with the leopard clutch, pink blazer and that yellow brooch.

4 kommentarer:

Amy sa...

I shouldn't be surprised that Sarah looks so awesome in her outfit but it's so different and funky and it really took me by surprise - I love it!

Siljesfashion sa...

Its different and I think the fact that she always tries to do something cool in her own way, makes her stand out. Even though she has a very different style than her alter ego Carrie, I think she mostly pulls it off.

Elissa sa...

The cropped jacket (on SJP) is very "in" this season. We just covered that on our show on Monday!

sa sa...

I love it! Very creative!That's actually really cool.