lørdag 9. august 2008

Saturday Shopping

I love Saturdays. Sleep in and do whatever you want. When
shopping, I believe in casual chic as the point is to be comfortable.

On todays agenda: Coffee with the girls, shopping
and go with my friend and her Maid of honor for
a fitting.

Blazer: H&M
Top: Vintage
Jeans: Citizen
Necklace: Gift from my husband
Shoes: Miss Bison leopard wedges of ebay
Dro en liten tur på shopping idag. Først var vi innom UFF underground og prøvde noen secondhandkjoler. Etter det dro vi med min venninne som skal gifte seg, for å se på brudekjoler. Dette brakte minner til ifjor sommer, da jeg selv giftet meg på Hvalstrand Bad. Det var en perfekt dag får å si det slik. Innlegg om det senere i august. Min venninne fant en nydelig kjole, som er perfekt til deres strandbryllup i Miami neste år. Etter det måtte vi ha kaffe og dermed bar turen rundt i butikkene. Fant endel kult, som det blir bilder av etterhvert. Ha en fortsatt flott lørdag!

Perfect shopping day. First, me and my friends were goofing around in a secondhand store, were they managed to pick up some very cute dresses. However, the dress I wanted was torn and they did not want to give me any discount, so I decided to pass it up(a purple dress, perfect for fall). Then we went with my friend to see her try on some wedding dresses. Of course it brought back memories to last year, when I got married here. Our first anniversary is coming up, so of course I will do a post about it.
My friend found a lovely dress, perfect for a beach wedding. Shes getting hitched on the beach in Miami next summer. After that, we had our coffee hit before shopping Zara, H&M, Mango and others. Picked up the nailpolish, some tshirts and tops and jackets. Pictures to come. Great day!

I also received this Brilliant Blog award from lovely Stylespot and was tagged by funny Songy for another round of 6 quirks about me, which I will get to tomorrow. Thanks girls!
Hope you all have a wonderful Saturday!

22 kommentarer:

Sharon Rose sa...

Hi Silje-a wonderful casual chic outfit for shopping and your birthday necklace and Gucci bag set the look off elegantly!! Shame about the vintage dress, hopefully your other buys made up for it!! Enjoy the rest of your weekend, my dear Silje!

Nicoline sa...

Hei(: Igår på Oslotv snakka du om hvordan man kan finne ut om Chanel vesker osv. er ekte. Så jeg lurte på hvor jeg kunne finne en sånn side.

Dakota77 sa...

Oh my, we'll have our 5th marriage anniversay this September, this is making me feel old;-)

Siljesfashion sa...

Thank you Sharon!!

Nicoline: Gå til ebay, søk på "spot fake chanel" så får du opp artikler. Lykke til!

dakota: haha, no really, we had our tenth anniversary as a couple this year. We justed waited really long to get married!

The Clothes Horse sa...

Great blouse. Sleeping in on the weekends might be my favorite part of the week!

enc sa...

That's a perfectly chic shopping look.

stilettostetico sa...

AND a "Sex and the City-esque" agenda !!!
ps: Your shining Blonde mane SUBLIMATES your casual "CHIC-issime" style . . .

A Bientôt, Antoine

Annie sa...

Casual chic for sure! You look great :)

jayne sa...

hey Silje! I've missed your blog while I was away! you're always so fresh & inspiring! great blazer here! glad you had a good day too- coffee, vintage, and friends is always a good mix :) btw, I know you've mentioned it before, but were your fall fashion suggestions? Going shopping tomorrow & would love to hear your take!

Amie sa...

Fiint:) Lørdager er herlige! Gleder meg til å se bryllupsposten.. :)

coco sa...

I love the rolled up jeans. Such a great look.

Candy sa...

Stilig outfit!

jules sa...

just dropping by. Very beautiful. :) I think the blouse is very chic. :)Anyway, i must say that your country is very beautiful. just really hard to get in though especially if you do not know the language being spoken there. :(


Girl of Norway sa...

I'll writhe this in english, since I guess you have readers from other countries too.

I want to wear heels. But I never can. I just can't walk with them. Could you please write a litle "how to wear heels" ? I'm desperate. I'm attending a ball with my job in two weeks. And I guess I'll have to wear heels then.

Please... :)

Mimi sa...

I love the flowered blouse.the outfit is cute but also a bit 'business chic'

Siljesfashion sa...

Girl of Norway: There is no such thing as cant in my book, So off course I will help you! Ok. First step is that you go out tomorrow and buy yourself a pair of heels. Since you are a beginner I recommend no more than 6-7 cm or 3 inches heels. Invest in a good pair, by that I dont mean necessary expensive. But walk around in them in the store, so you get a feeling for them. You could buy heels with strap, they tend to give you more balance and silver-gold go with everything. Be sure NOT to buy a stiletto heel but a little more chunkyer one as they are more sturdy. So, homework. Every day you will put on your shoes at home for 30 minutes to walk around. You will cross you legs as you walk, as the models do on the catwalk, letting your hips sway from side to side. You will stop at the end of the room and turn as they do on the catwalk. When you walk you push the weight of your toeballs down and forward. Practice this every day until you master it and I know that in two weeks time you will be able to walk in heels. But its up to you to do the homework. Be confident and walk with your head high, focus on having your eyes straight forward and do NOT look down. Keep me informed during the week on your progress. Good luck!
Xoxo Silje

AlicePleasance sa...

I need a blazer like yours!

Girl of Norway sa...

Thank you!
I have to wait till friday/saturday. I'm kinda broke. But its o-holy-pay-day this friday :)
I'll keep you informed :)

Danz sa...

Hey Silje, I love this dressed down outfit. The rolled up jeans and blazer are great!

Pamcasso sa...

lovely look, so chic.

Blicious sa...

great jacket! so cute!

ed sa...

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