søndag 10. august 2008

Sunday Bliss

Sundays: I miss living in Los Angeles for so many reasons. On sundays you can go shopping at the mall, Coffee Bean -the best vanilla latte in the world and go grocery shopping in the middle of the night, if you want to. And I love to go vintage shopping in the city of angels. Sundays in Norway however, are very calm. There are coffee shops open, so you can get your caffeine fix, but thats about it. But very soon flea market seasons starts up, and then I will be running around like crazy, looking for those great deals.

Blazer: H&M, Denim: H&M, Scarf: Vero Moda, Shoes: Rizzo, Clutch: Vintage, Beanie: H&M

Neste uke blir litt crazy, med full jobb og masse visninger. Det er jo OFW, så det blir mye å se. Gleder meg spesielt til å se Iselin Engans flotte kjoler, Moods sine kule antrekk og årets nye designere. Spennende!
Så litt deilig å ha en søndag til å gjøre absolutt ingenting.

Next week will be crazy, due to the fact that it is OFW, Norways fashion week. I am going to as many shows as possible, which usually turns out to be about 5-6, because I am working in the day and running down to catch the shows in the evening. There are some collections, I can not wait to see. Iselin Engan makes the most beautiful dresses, Moods of Norway always has a crazy element to their collections, and tons of new designers. Gonna be fun!
Also, here are another 6 quirks of mine, due to the lovely Songy.
1. I LOVE Dirty Dancing, I have seen it maybe a 100 times and it still moves me.
2. I used to be a ballerina(really!!) and a model(print), and I am all about perfection.
3. I must check the locks about 5 times before I leave the apartment.
4. I must watch series in sequence the first time.
5. I almost always speak my mind. This always gets me in trouble!
6. I love chocolate and eat a piece everyday. Life is to short not to enjoy it!
Thats all....

28 kommentarer:


I love your red clutch!!!
Greeting from Spain and congratulations for the prize

Poster Girl sa...

I love chocolate, too. Are you going to take photos at fashion week? If so, I'd love to see them and read about it!

Kira Fashion sa...

you are really fantastic, those photos are really amazing!!!
Love your classy!!!

a kiss!!

♥ fashion chalet sa...

You make a gorgeous Parisian! So chic! <3

Thank you so very much, for saying you will be commenting/voting in my honor. I appreciate it more than you can know. :) Thank you!!!

Wendy sa...

I really love the print of your scarf!

Fashion Tidbits sa...

what material is your blazer made from? it's very fall-ish! :)

jayne sa...

ooo your outfit is perfect! i love beanies and your denim is amazing, i wish I could pull that off! love your quirks too :) chocolate is a must, you do only live once! and i'm not surprised you were a print model, you're absolutely gorgeous & wear clothes so well! :)

Arielle sa...

great outfit. I love the blazer, scarf and clutch

Sharon Rose sa...

Hi Silje-a totally gorgeous outfit and you rock in these jeans!! I love the blazer and the scarf, plus the socks and sandals look-I must try this out!!

Cecilie sa...

Kult antrekk! Elsker 70-talls jeans. Hva slags strømper bruker du i sandalene? Det må jeg prøve!!

Ps. Nå har jeg kjøpt kjole og sko til bryllupet på lørdag, og satser på pashmina-skjerf til som du nevnte :-)

atelier sa...

I love your clutch. I guess missing LA is normal

Songy sa...

ha ha.. there must have been some telepathy? I was wearing a beret today as well. You look so good!
Wide legged jeans look for comfortable and it seems like they are in fashion for SS in Australia.

I've been eyeing on your scarf I wonder if I can get that online?


S sa...

I would love to exchange links! I've been looking around and this is a fabulous blog, I'm so glad you found me :) This is a fantastic casual look!

Oh, and the dress is from about a year ago, and Aritzia is a store...not sure if they have Aritzia outside of Canada though.

CoutureCarrie sa...

Love this outfit - the blazer and scarf especially!
And it's no wonder your poses and posture are always so lovely, since you were a dancer and model!!


Siljesfashion sa...

Poster Girl: I will try, so you can see the new up and coming designers!

Thanks Kira!

Fashion Tidbits:Its velvet, and from 5 years back I think.

Sharon rose: I always do socks when its cold, I think its a great look!

Thanks Jayne, your to sweet! Hope your shopping was good?

Cecilie: Godt å høre, du blir sikkert veldig fin og passe varm. Ja bruker vanlige sokker fra H&M NÅ og ull etterhvert som det blir kaldere.

Songy: How fun! Love those kind of accessories. I am not sure they have a webshop, however F21 and H&M has great similar styles.

S: Thanks, maybe I can find it on ebay. Loved it! Glad you liked my blog as well. I will add you right away.

Couturecarrie: Thank you for that lovely comment!

WendyB sa...

"No one puts Baby in a corner!"

carokal sa...

Takk for kommentar på bloggen :) Jeansen er fra Diesel, kjøpt på JC.

Marte sa...

Så fin clutch :)

Marie <3 sa...

Stilig antrekk! =)

coco sa...

I love those jeans. I want to live in LA oneday.

Hanne sa...

Herlig antrekk, clutchen var superfin:)

Psyche sa...

I love everything about this casual look!

PAM sa...

ooh i love the details of this outfit.. the beanie and the socks :) so chic as always :)

Jacqueline sa...

Oh wow, you look so pretty! I really enjoy your style. How are you? Hope you're well? How's the weather, is it still hot?

*Ida* sa...

Elsker bloggen din og alle antrekkene dine :)
Og jeg er helt enig i at man må ha en bit sjokolade hver dag. Som du sa: "Life is to short not to enjoy it!"

enc sa...

This is such a great look on you. The brown jacket makes me want to bundle up for fall. The red clutch is a hot counterpoint to the colors, too.

I will be looking forward to seeing what you find in the upcoming flea market season. I know you'll get some superb stuff.

Katwalk sa...

I miss living in US too, I lived in NJ for a year and I've been missing NYC, starbucks, the malls and everything really badly...

ed sa...