torsdag 20. november 2008

Almost Friday

While I went home from work today, I was thinking about
one of the nice moments on our trip to Los Angeles. This friday
was one of them, sitting outside talking with friends and having
drinks at The Grill in Westlake.

If you ever stop by you must try one of the drinks
called Ruby Red Grapefruit Martini. Its soo good it will
make your head spin. They also have amazing food, and
fridays the have happy hour prices. How I wish it was
friday and that we were still in LA!
Wearing: vintage sunglasses from San Francisco,
scarf from Bik Bok, tee from H&M and Seven for
all Mankind jeans.

10 kommentarer:

janettaylor sa...

Lovely vintage sunglasses. :D

Emily sa...

aw, you look like you're glowing! i haven't been to this place, so i'm now tempted to try it out. thanks for the suggestion, love!

S of Modern-Guilt sa...

I love your sunglasses!
And I so wish I was there right's so cold and dreary here, that looks like a glorious dream to me :)

glory sa...

hey the sunglasses suit you very well, love the previoues alex wang look.... kisses

Sharon Rose sa...

Hi there-cheers to that, it sounds heavenly!! have a great weekend my dear!

Pamcasso sa...

sounds delicious! Although I think the whole point of any martini is to make your head spin!

Hippie, hippie - milkshake sa...

i love your vintage glasses- and please- give me that drink.... he he

WendyB sa...

I could use about ten of those drinks now.

Songy sa...

Fabulous Silje. That martini glass is perfect. how nice.

Fashion Tidbits sa...

it sounds really yummy