søndag 9. november 2008

Brunch at The Four Seasons

We were so lucky to get to experience a brunch at The Four Seasons
in Westlake Village. It was amazing sitting on the patio, enjoying the
company of friends, the food and the spectacular garden.

I really enjoyed the serenity of the garden. No wonder it
is a spa/wellness hotel.

My first Mimosa before heading into the buffet. Can you
think of a better way to spend a sunday?

The brunch is marvelous with a great selection. Be sure to get there
hungry, so you have room for all the fantastic food like panckakes,
mini toast, salads, sushi (yum), lobster, desserts and so much more..

I decided to sample all the different food with just a small piece
of each. That was a great idea, and I was very happy with my
4 small servings. At our table, my husband won hands down
with 6 trips to the buffet.

Of course we had to have another round of that amazing champagne.

Having fun.

My new beloved Pucci shoes. These were a steal at Wasteland
the other day.

Dress: Kapphal
Cardigan: Cubus
Handbag: Vintage Chanel
Sunglasses: Ysl

25 kommentarer:

Emily sa...

I'm so glad you got a chance to try out brunch at the Four Seasons. My boyfriend and I went to the one in Santa Barbara a while ago and it was the best buffet I've ever had!

enc sa...

The shoes are the perfect complement for that very Pucci-esque dress!

I love your new banner/header/masthead!

saray sa...

your dress look lovely!

Sharon Rose sa...

Hi there-What an amazing place, you are soo lucky!! very decadent and enjoyable! I love the new look blog, very nice indeed!

jayne sa...

that is one of my favorites dresses of yours, such great fun colors! the brunch looks delicious and love the new header

S of Modern-Guilt sa...

What an insanely pretty dress! And you are completely right, there really is no better way to spend a Sunday morning than like that :)
P.S. I really like the new banner!

Juliet sa...

I love how the food looks and your clothes look.

juliet xxx

bi-style sa...

you got a new header, I love it! And your outfit is great!

janettaylor sa...

Lovely shoes & your look! Enjoy! ;) Very pretty woman! :D


Such a perfect sunday! I love your new Pucci shoes.

fashion herald sa...

joy, a perfect brunch! there's nothing like a Four Seasons treat.

Krystal sa...

it looks by your header that you got the amazing h&m faux fur coat! it is stunning on you my dear!! love this post too xx

Ragna sa...

Har veldig sans for den kjolen din, den har et flott mønster og ser behagelig ut :-)

Make Do Style sa...

Love the new banner and you holiday snaps are gorgeous as ever.

Danz sa...

Such lovely photos Silje - looks like you had an amazing time! You look positively gorgeous in that dress and I love your purse! I bought a really nice purple Chanel-esque purse a few days ago but it would be so great to own the real thing.

Poster Girl sa...

The food looks delicious, I love your new header!

Lady Melbourne sa...

Hey Silje, new layout- nice!!
Your dress matches your background did you notice?

Fashion Tidbits sa...

thanks for sharing pics. i'm loving the new layout and the header!!!!

Marte sa...

Så herlig :)

Marina sa...

Nice blog... Are you interesting in a link exchange with my blog :
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Marina (from France)

Songy sa...

divine lady and food! oh I love seeing you in that dress with those pastel yellow shoes. Very summery. I bet you're all rugged up in Oslo now! :)

I'm impressed with the new header images, Silje. I'm so proud!

Now your questions about 'chopping head'. Picasa is a little too stupid when it comes to bordering. It just mechanically puts the border around it and you do not have any control over it. The best way is to put plenty of space when taking photos. 3rd rule comes to into play. I don't know if you have heard of it. For example, in Garance Dore's pictures you can see about 1/3 of vertical space is taken by surroundings (2/3 being the subject). Does it make sense? That's how her pictures always look very interesting and balanced. That way you'd never have that head chopping problem.

Another thing you can do is adding some additional space around your existing pictures in other editing program. It's simple enough but if you haven't used anything in the past it might be a bit of challenge. Why don't you send me your images. It will only take me a couple of seconds to fix. :) Ciao

♥ fashion chalet sa...

Love the new header, gorgeous dress and I love a Mimosa every now and again!! :)

style-fashion=you sa...

wow,that looks like a really fun day...four seasons must be great

Savvy Mode SG sa...

i adore brunch at the Four Season, yum!

The Clothes Horse sa...

Lovely! It sounds like such a nice time. Your dress is so cheery too.