tirsdag 4. november 2008

Last day in San Francisco

On our last day, we got up early so that we could have time for fast sightseeing. My husband spent most of the weekend on the golf course, so he wanted to look around in the city in daylight.

I had to take my husband on cable car and we had so much fun! The sunglasses is from LaRosa Vintage and last days shopping spree. Since it was early in the morning, there was almost no people and we almost got the whole cable car to ourself. We took the cable car to Pholk, then walked back down to Union Square.

Then we relaxed and enjoyed life at a coffee shop in Union Square. I was wearing my new H&M jacket, Acne Jeans, ballerina shoes, and my Gucci bag.
After that, we took a cab to Cow Hollow and walked around in the neighborhood.

I loved all the small and upscale shops.

Eye candy at Shaw.

This store had an amazing collection of designer bracelets and other great jewlery pieces. If you ever go to SF, this is a must visit store.

After that we stopped by Fishermanns Wharf to see it by day. It was the same, but great to have seen it in broad daylight. We really wanted to go to Alcatraz, but the line for the boat was insane, so we decided against it.

Fun at the Golden Gate bridge. We had lunch outdoors while enjoying the view.

Then we got in the car and drove towards Pebble Beach. The view from the glof course was spectacular. My husband was in 7th heaven.

The drive was not only indcredibly romantic, but also a marvel in natures beauty. I must say this day was a day of experiences I will not forget anytime soon. By dark, we landed in Carmel, but I will save that for the next post.

Todays Bargains: Lots of unique bracelets and priceless experiences.
Next: Carmel and Big Sur

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enc sa...

Ooooh, you'll love Carmel. It's lovely. Perfect for taking pictures.

Lady Melbourne sa...

Oooooh, looks like you are having some great experiences Silje!
I love your outfits, very chic, in particular your glasses- divine!

Anonym sa...

oo love those studded pumps

Sharon Rose sa...

Hi there-wonderful scenic pictures and a day full of memories too!

Songy sa...

It seems like you had a great time. You look so wonderful.


You seemed to have such a wondeful time. Thanks to share it with us. Lovely pics!

stilettostetico sa...

Such amazing landscapes, the final one is particularly mesmerizing !!!

à Bientôt, Antoine

janettaylor sa...

Lovely look! ;)
Cool sunglasses! ;)

Poster Girl sa...

Absolutely gorgeous, ah, how I love SF!

Girl of Norway sa...

Hei Silje!
Selv om vi ikke kjenner hverandre, har jeg dristet meg til å utfordre deg. Den finner du her: http://girlofnorway.blogspot.com/2008/11/jeg-har-blitt-utfordret.html

Make Do Style sa...

Fabulous pics and just looks fantastic.

fashion herald sa...

nothing says San Francisco like those sunglasses!

Aretha sa...

Amazing pics! I love your jacket with fur, it's sooo retro