lørdag 1. november 2008

Vintage Heaven

On our second day in San Francisco, I wanted to go vintage shopping. Thanks to Fashion Trend Guide I knew the area I was going to hit first. Haight-Asbury is known for a great selection of vintage stores, its hippe vibe and a blend of different cultures. Sounds like a place to visit? Definitely.

So, I went down to Powell to take the bus or train to Haight-Asbury. I was told nr 7 would take me there. Besides, there are signs on the bus (which cost 1.50, so have the change ready).

I ended up taking the bus, which was a lot of fun. Not only was there so many original characters on, I got to talk to a chinese woman, who told me all about the area, were to eat and her favorite shops. It took about 15 minutes and it was a fun ride.

I ended up taking the bus almost all the way up to Buena Vista Park, so that I could walk down Haight street all the way down (this picture is actually further down the street). This was an area withouth to many hills, which was great, since I was feeling it in my legs from yesterdays walk.

As soon as I stepped out of the bus, I knew my day was going to be fantastic. One vintage store after another, as long as my eyes could see. It was official, I had arrived in vintage heaven.

One of my favorite stores, was the second one I went into, Decades of Fashion. It had an amazing collection of clothes from the 1920s to the 80s. Not only was the store great, the people there was beyond sweet, knew their stuff and was very helpful.

Costumes for Halloween.

A great selection of different accessories, like handbags and shoes.

Sequined dresses and tops as far as the eye could see.

Lots of hats and kimonos.

Beautiful vintage skirts.

They also carried a great mens selection.

This store was another favorite. La Rosa had a nice selection of sunglasses and costume jewelry. They also had some lovely dresses and lots of 70s suits for men.

I also stopped by the local Goodwill. You never know what you may find. And I did score some treasures.

Wasteland always have a great selection. Dresses, tops, jackets and costumes as far as the eyes can see. What I like about this store, is that you can both find things from the 50s, as well as secondhand items that are as good as new. A great shop indeed.

Held Over, another cool shop. Lots of dresses from all kinds of different eras. Loved the 50s and 70s dresses.

Crossroads was also a blend of old and new. By this time, my hands were hurting so much from all my shopping bags. I was getting tired, even though I wanted to shop more.

After that store, I had to give in. I tried getting a cab but they all passed me, so I ended up on a bus back.

After all that excitement I needed some coffeine. A tall cafee latte was a delight and a great treat. While I relaxed, I was lokking straight at H&M. You know how people bring things back all the time? I decided that I wanted to try for the faux fur jacket one more time.

And it was indeed lucky x 2! Hanging alone and in my size, was my beloved jacket. Now, how lucky is that?
Two of my bargains. Sequined tops from Decades of Fashion and Goodwill.

Gold shoes from Wasteland.
After all that shopping it was time for some r & r. We were meeting friends and friends of friends at an italian restaurant at Fishermans Wharf.

Lovely to see the city by night.

Drinks at the Ritz Carlton before dinner. In one word: fantastic.

Jacket: My new Faux fur jacket from H&M!
Jeans: Acne
Shoes: Old Navy
Handbag: Chanel
Top: Forever 21
Car: Not mine, but certainly very cool.

Todays bargains: 2 sequined tops, a fur jacket, a faux fur jacket, sunglasses, gold shoes, bangles and other small stuff.

Next: Nob Hill and shopping at Polk.

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Sharon Rose sa...

Hi there-a very successful day shopping my dear! I'm loving your H&M faux fur jacket and also the black sequinned top-divine! You certainly made the most of the vintage shops!!

Emily sa...

you've so inspired me to go vintage shopping! i love your finds and i'm all about sequins right now. keep them coming, Silje!

glory sa...

woow grate deals, love sequined tops, i will look for vintage this weekend i hope to find some grate finds like you... i want ot see all your shopping....

Marte sa...

For et herlig antrekk :)

Dana (MODAna) sa...

amazing finds
I also loved the goodwill there by union sq

veneno hipnotico sa...

hola mestás fantastica como siempre.


Anonym sa...

oo this vacation sounds amazing! i've always wanted to go to san fran! the vintage shopping looks delightful, and it looks like you're doing well on your wish list so far!

Hippie, hippie - milkshake sa...

elsker wasteland... de har butikk i L.A også... fine sko du har kjøpt deg... nyt dagene med shopping i san fran

enc sa...

Congratulations on a brilliant shopping day, Silje! You really look great in your faux fur jacket. Just beautiful.

Fashion Tidbits sa...

thanks for sharing pics!!!!! :)

Songy sa...

great vintage finds. I'm super jealous now! :)

coco sa...

It looks like you are a power shopper. I love all your buys.
I'd love to visit San Fran.

offset outfit sa...

I just discovered your blog but I love it!! it's great!!


offset outfit sa...

I just discovered your blog but I love it!! it's great!!


Poster Girl sa...

Silje, how fun, your photos make me want to go shopping. I am so glad you found the H&M jacket you were looking for. I bought a similar one a few weeks ago, except that it has long sleeves and a small clasp in the front. I hope it gets cold so I can wear it soon :) Can't wait to read more about your finds!

FrkTetlie sa...

Dette er jo omtrent en guide til shopping i San Fransisco dette- spørs om det frister litt med en tur dit nå ja- etter at du har avslørt alle de gjemte perlene:)

Sunniva sa...

De to toppene du kjøpte deg er helt fantastiske!! Kos deg masse videre i San Fransisco kjære deg <3

Juliet sa...

Oh, Looks so fantastic!

juliet xxx

Jacqueline sa...

This is great, I feel like I'm on tour with you. You've found some great shops etc.

S of Modern-Guilt sa...

That seriously DOES look like vintage heaven! You're looking totally spectacular Silje :)

atelier sa...

lovely pics, it seems you are having a good time there! I'd love to have so many shops like those in here!!

I'd like to ask you -if you don't mind- to change the name of my blog in the blogroll for Why Fashion? instead of Pomodoro... if it's disturbing for you it's ok like that. Thanks;)