lørdag 8. november 2008

Vintage Shopping at Melrose

Outfit: Tee Vero Moda, Jeans American Eagle (just bought),
vintage bracelets and Gucci Handbag. After a morning with
pedicure and coffee, we decided to drive down to Melrose
for some vintage shopping. I love Melrose, because the stores
are within walking distance and the stores have such a variety
of clothes. One store is great at leather jackets while another have
a great collection of shoes.

Wasteland is one of my all time favorite stores. Not only do
they have cute vintage dresses, they sell last seasons Marc Jacobs,
Pierre Hardy, Gucci and so on, to affordable prices. We spent quite
some thing looking through everything. My best advice when it
comes to vintage shopping, is to be patient and have a lot of time.
I can be a very fast shopper, but thats only because I know what
I am looking for. Still, then you can miss some gems that arent to obvious.

You can easily spend a whole day vintageshopping at Melrose.

Slow is very affordable. You can pick up leather clutches
for about 10 dollars and up. They also have nice sunglasses,
dresses and a cool mens selection which includes cowboy boots
and tons of suits from the 70s.

A great store with a huge collection of leather jackets,
winter coats and sequined dresses. Check the backroom
for the ultimate goodies. I did not find the ultimate black
leather jacket, but I must say I was impressed with the selection.

One of my favorite stores in LA. Upstairs they carry all
the ultimate within vintage, like Hermes handbags and YSL
dresses from the 70s. Decades Two downstairs, is much more
affordable, and you can find Marc Jacobs, DVF, Missoni and
tons of other designer brands for less. It is still pricey compared
to other vintage stores like Wasteland, but well worth a visit.

The window display at Decades.

After all that shopping, it was time for some r & r. What better
than the worlds best cupcakes from Sprinkles?

The line was insane, at least the whole block (we were in
the middle when I took this photo). At least we had fun!

And it was totally worth it. My favorite? Coconut and vanilla.

My best buy: Pierre Hardy shoes at Decades. I also
bought Pucci shoes and some bracelets.

Tomorrow: Brunch at The Four Seasons

16 kommentarer:

enc sa...

I don't know what's better, the shoes or the cupcakes!

Make Do Style sa...

I'm with enc - shoes or cupcakes - agh! the shoes look fabulous like you!

ivoreece sa...

beautiful shoes :)

jayne sa...

oo cupcakes!

Jen (MahaloFashion) sa...

I'm so jealous, the vintage shopping in LA is soooooo good!

Songy sa...

OMG those shoes. What a great buy.

yeah. I want the cupcakes too. hungry already.

Sharon Rose sa...

Hi there-what a lovely day out, mind you the whole trip was a blast!! The sandals were a fantastic buy and the cupcakes were a deserved treat from all that shopping, haha!


Guri som jeg blir misunnelig på deg!! =D


Thanks for all these information. I'll remember them if one day I'll spend time in Melrose. The Pierre Hardy shoes are awesome. Great choice!

Fashion Tidbits sa...

beaut shoes!!!!

Couture Carrie sa...

These pics are incredible, Silje - but even more amazing are those Pierre Hardys - great find!!


Miller sa...

norsk du:) du handler endel på forever21? hvordan er det med frakt og toll og sånt der? lønner det seg å handle så man får fri frakt? eller pleier du bare å handle det i butikkene, og ikke på nett? takk for hjelp:)

Siljesfashion sa...

Hei Miller,
Frakt kommer ann på hvor mye du kjøper, det ligger på nettsiden deres. Det er toll på varer på alt over 200 kr, ca 33 prosent. Håper det hjalp!

janettaylor sa...

Lovely Pierre Hardy...

Lucky pretty woman! ;)

ed sa...







Charms sa...

"The shoes and the cupcakes where same in their own advantage. I want the cupcakes as much as I want the sandals, they were so awesome. It's a good thing that everything you needed is available on one place. Hope that they also got a juicy couture outlet stores in that place."