fredag 7. november 2008

A Scenic Drive

Carmel must be one of the most charming small cities
in the world. After a wonderfull breakfast at the Village Inn
we decided to explore the streets of Carmel. I am wearing
a Vero Moda jacket, Seven for all Mankind jeans, my beloved
Chanel handbag, vintage scarf and sunglasses.

When we finally got to Carmel in the evening the day before,
there was only one room left at the Village Inn. We got one of
their gorgeous and huge suites, which was great after a long drive.
I recommend this cosy Inn to anybody travelling to Carmel.

The morning light and the vibe in this little city was fantastic.
I loved all the small shops and wonderful bakerys and restaurants.

Coffee and pastries. Yum.

One of my favorite store was Fourtane Antique and
Vintage Jewelers. They had a magnificent collection of
vintage jewelry.

The bracelet on the left was my favorite. I swooned
about it all day, but decided it was way to expensive.
Unfortunately, I will probably regret that decision for the
rest of my life. Such beautiful handcraft. We had a great
time in Carmel, but after a few hours it was time to go.
Next stop: Big Sur

Our sweet ass ride. Somewhere on the beautiful coast
between Carmel and Big Sur. I must say that driving a
cabriolet for a long time, was not as glamorous as expected.
I tried to do a Jackie O with a silkscarf, but it kept falling off.
But my husband always have a solution, so his golf cap had
to come on. Maybe not the most stylish solution, but a practical one.

The view was breathtaking.

Big Sur was totally different from what I expected. There was
really no main city, just small shops, restaurants and hotels spread
out along the road. I loved the small shops and bought scented
candles and soaps from the area.

Lots of great places to shop for gifts and souvenirs.

The day was fantastic, with so many beautiful snapshots of people
living a very different lives than us. This drive was one of those great
experiences I will remember and treasure forever.
Next: Vintage shopping in Los Angeles

12 kommentarer:

Sharon Rose sa...

Hi there-Oh very nice, what super pictures and very picturesque. It looks so pretty here, lucky you!!

Always In Style sa...

Awwww...great photos!!!

Reminds me of my trip to Carmel :)

Emily sa...

oh how i adore that little city by the captured it perfectly!

S of Modern-Guilt sa...

so beautiful, I love all of the photos

Anonym sa...

oo i've always wanted to go carmel!

Lil Midget sa...

Vackra bilder :D


enc sa...

Carmel is an incredibly picturesque town. No wonder Clint Eastwood wanted to be mayor!

I'm glad you're having fun!

Songy sa...

That looks awesome, Silje. I must take that trip soon.

Camilla sa...

Nice photos! :)

the healthy ghost sa...

Beautiful shots

Fashion Tidbits sa...

sweet ride! the scenery must have been breathtaking

Anonym sa...

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