onsdag 25. juni 2008

Seven Songs of Summer

Love my fedora.

Tee: Koola anna
Skirt: H&M
Shoes: Nine West
Fedora: H&M
Bangles and leather bands: Lindex

Ti av dere fantastiske bloggere har tagget meg for "seven songs of summer."
I have been tagged by ten(!!) fellow bloggers by this particular request.
I have the decided that there are way to many good songs to choose from, but here goes:

"Fly me to the Moon"- Frank Sinatra. The ultimate, our first dance at our wedding and our love song.

"Independent women"- Destinys Child. Always keeps you on the dancefloor.
"Miss California"- Dante Thomas. Summer of 2001 spent as students in Los Angeles.

"Mambo nr 5"- Lou Bega. Love this, always cracks me up.

"Wicked Game"- Chris Isack. So heavy, he has the most amazing voice.
"Now That We Found Love "-Heavy D & The Boyz. Remember in "Hitch" when they dance to this in thw wedding scene. Cool.

"Shut up and Drive" -Rihanna. Yeah yeah, addictive.

I think everyone but me did this, but if you havent feel free!!

19 kommentarer:

Sharon Rose sa...

Good evening Silje-hope you are having a lovely one too!! You really rock in this fedora, it's such a stylish look on you! The skirt is soo cute-very casual chic!!

Belle sa...

likte skoene!

B sa...

Stilig skjørt.

Krystal sa...

Beautiful outfit!


Ida sa...

You look beautiful with the fedora, and I love this shade of blue on you.

Lou Bega! I hadn't listened to that song in ages, thanks for reminding me:) Fun!

Cupcakes and Cashmere sa...

'Shut up and Drive' IS addictive, you're so right. Love your songs, they're all perfect for a summer bbq :)

Danz sa...

I love your skirt and fedora Silje! You look great!

fashionista sa...

you look sooo nice!!

Mimi sa...

"Now that we found love" LOL that's such an unexpected pick!

Are you sure this skirt isn't from Forever21? There's one just like it on their website...I know because I was eyeing it :) It looks great on you of course <3

pammish sa...

the fedora's amazing! :) nice mix with the check skirt!

addictive rihanna.. haha! she is, no? :):)

Wendy sa...

Great outfit, the plaid skirt is adorable.

NewlyInspired sa...

Love the looks! Ah my favorite accesory - -the fedora!

enc sa...

I love that "Now That We've Found Love" song.

You're a popular girl, being tagged by ten people! :)

I love that skirt.

Pamcasso sa...

love your skirt and fedora, I've been looking for a plaid skirt and a straw fedora, a little strange:) And I love the songs Wicked Games and Independent Woman.

annabananna sa...

love your outfit today! that skirt is really pretty, the shoes rock and you look stunning with the fedora!

stilettostetico sa...

And an "Al Caponesque revival " oddly full of charming SEXYness !!!

A Bientôt, Antoine

Molly :] sa...

I love your shoes! :)

Kira Fashion sa...

H&M is really cool, i would like to have one here!!!

a kiss!

That Girl sa...

Love the fedora!