fredag 6. juni 2008

Why the BIG love is larger than life

Dress: Vintage, Punkystyle
Belt: Vintage YSL
Handbag: Vintage Chanel
Bangles: H&M
Shoes: Create
This was my SATC outfit for tonights premiere and afterparty. I had my picture taken at the premiere, so I will post photos from that later. I had such a great time. Please stop reading if you have not seen the movie.
There are different kinds of loves in life. The love of a husband, boyfriend or lover, the love of your child, the love you feel for your family, the love of all things beautiful and the love you feel towards your girlfriends. This love might share the top spot with the love of a husband or lover.
The movie is a love story between the girls, the husbands and lovers, and the city of New York.

As the movie starts, we se glimps of the time that has passed and what goes on in the girls lives up to present time. On the surface everything seems great, but as the movie progresses we see the cracks in the mirror, that I will call spoils in everyday life. Everyday life often happens when you take each other for granted, that being girlfriends, lovers or a husband. And it is what happens if you allow yourself to let go, stop working on the relationship, or decide to get married because its practical. Lets face it, thats not what marriage is about. Marriage should not be ligthly entered and its a joint decision of two people who loves, respect and care deeply for each other.
As Carrie and Big approaces their wedding day, it becomes clear Big has doubts. But he waits until the worst moment to express his feelings, and then it all comes crashing down. I immidiately put myself in both Carries and Big shoes, because I am a newlywed and spent the last summer planning and negotiating our wedding. I say negotiating because if you want a big wedding and the other does not, it is important to let your voice be heard. Its two, not one who are getting married. And up to this point, its all about Carrie. The dress, the Vogue shot, the guestlist. She lets "the wedding become bigger than Big."
As life goes on for Carrie, I find her character to change and be more independent. Although it takes a lot for her to face the music, she does and in return experiences some great lessons in life. After some more drama, it all ends well for the four girls we love. And as for the marriage part, let me just say it only gets better in time, if you have the BIG love in your life.
I cried. I laughed, and cried some more during the movie. Mostly because the situations they experience is what we all experience in life. Happiness, disapointment, love and having your heart broken. Its all about life as we know it, just a bit more stylish, creative and beautiful than life itself. Its the movies after all.

Off course I loved the movie. It was fashion at its best, great actors and a good story. My favorite scenes(thanks Sharon) was the toss and keep in the old apartment, the heartbraking phone call on the stairs in the Vivienne Westwood dress, the way Charlotte killed Big with the eyes on the street(soo funny) Steve and Miranda on the bridge, Carrie going all over town to support Miranda on New Years eve, Jennifer Hudson as the assistant and the LV moment-so funny, and the reunion in the closet, which did make for a Cinderella moment. At least for me.
I do understand the critics voices, but I do feel that you have to be a fan to see the movie to really appriciate it.Thats my opinion, what are your thoughts?

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She's Dressing Up sa...

Great review of the film and lovely outfit!

molly sa...

oh wow i absolutely LOVE that dress!!

The Clothes Horse sa...

You look lovely. I still haven't seen the film (I save my movie ticket money for clothes!) but the more I hear about it the more I look forward to eventually seeing it.

punky sa...

yay!!! its so nice seeing stuff from our store go to a good home.

Jen (MahaloFashion) sa...

I'm so jealous of your dress, it's beautiful.


cute dress
sweet smile

what else ?

cheers from Paris

street style romancer in Paris


WendyB sa...

Great dress!

Sys. sa...

amazing dress, you look soo beautifil :)

Sharon Rose sa...

Hi silje-I'm so pleased you've seen it, so I can talk about it now-ha ha!! Well, firstly you've just done a great review and summed it up pretty nicely-I totally agree that you have to be a true fan to appreciate the film and the characters. My favourite bits were: the girly toss or take moment in carries apartment, charlotte pooping her pants in mexico, samantha and the sushi. saddest moment-carrie taking the call from big when he jilts her and she drops the phone. I loved jennifer hudson in it too-she played a good part and was an integral part of carrie getting her life sorted out. Most romantic part-carrie and big getting back together in the closet!!

Alice sa...

Great chance to talking about the film, it's almost a week i'm waiting to do so cause plenty girls don't saw it yet.
My favourite moment is when everything sounds perfect, Carrie got the pink and white box from Vivienne Westwood, she looks bright than a star. You right, under the surface nothing is how we can imagine, cause get married for practical reasons isn't the best way to begin.
Usually some people love the wedding idea, big party, beautiful dress, honeymoond and everything isn't really important, if you don't are totally brought over by the real mean of a marital status.
4 years ago, when i was 24 years old, i'm planning my wed with my fiancé, after 7 years together. Maybe i was too young to get married, but when i realized my doubts about him (lots of bad things) i left all. I guess if you wanna get married you have to plan everything but keep mind!

Have a nice weekend Silje!

Have a great weekend!

Dotti sa...

What a bright dress. And what a bright look. You look darling, darling, darling and absolutely SATC appropriate.

Anonym sa...

Beautiful dress - you really rock it, baby!

atelier sa...

I am dying for seeing it!! And here we have to wait until 20th of June! SO UNFAIR!!! :(!

fashion* CHALET sa...

Gorgeous dress!! Blue is your color :)

Kasix sa...

I really LOVE that dress!!!

Ida sa...

Silje, what a wonderful beautiful lovely summer dress! It is the perfect complement to your hair color. Very happy you had such fun with SatC.
Enjoy your weekend!

Danz sa...

Very lovely dress! lol I had to skim past that review because I haven't watched it yet.

Anonym sa...

As a recent SATC fan, i find i actually prefer the series better, the film felt like a long episode, which made the sad parts more intense. but overall, it was fun and funny, the perfect chick flick. plus the fashion rocked and my fav scenes included the bridge & charlotte cursing big hehe, oh charlotte, loved her!

allthat sa...

Love the dress!