mandag 2. juni 2008

A Tribute to A Fashion Legend

The designer and his models in the Safari khaki look, that since has become one of his signature styles.

The African queen by YSL

The designer flanked by his models after the spring 84 collection. These gorgeous coctail dresses was also was a staple in his collections. As a vintage hunter myself, I can safely say that dresses, the safari look and the suits are what I always look for at upscale vintage shops.

From one of his Fashion shows in 1987
All Images from Reuters, Associated Press.
This post will be in english, I hope you esteemed readers forgive me for not wanting to express my feelings twice on this sad day for fashion. Yves Saint Laurent, one of the greatest designers of all time, died yeasterday at the age of 71. YSL was known for changing the way women dress, by dressing them up in elegant pantsuits for day and night. Whic was at that time, quite daring. He is also know for the safari jacket, the leopard prints and his gorgeous long coctail dresses. Style, sophistication and a real understanding for the female body, is just some of the words I would use to describe his collections.
YSL started out as Christian Diors "right arm" working for the designer, who recognized his talents and took him under his wings. After Diors unexpected death in 1957, YSL took over as the head designer. A year later his breakthrough came with the "trapeze"line. The look of narrow shoulders and wide swinging skirts, was a hit after Diors New Look area.
He is recognized by many for the rejuvination of the the French fashion, and securing his countrys position as one of the leading in the world of Haute Couture. For me, and other fashion lovers all over the world, he will be remembered for his exceptional taste, his real love for fashion and those glamourus gowns, that for always will remain in style. Rest in peace.

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coco sa...

I do feel really sad about this
I love the pictures you have found, the one of the models kissing him is nice

Sharon Rose sa...

A very nice post Silje-you have showcased him at his best.

annabananna sa...

truly sad news. thanks for that great post, silje!

Alice sa...

The news about his passing away shocked me when i'm back home and i turned on my tv. I can understand well your feelings.
Beaufiful post Silje.
Take cre.


Cait sa...

How nice of a post for him.

JuliAM sa...

great ysl tribute...i'm head over heels in love with that safari queen dress. looks like something carrie would wear :)

Vikkebekke sa...

Tja, passer ikke helt inn her kanskje, men... Elsker folk som faktisk tar seg bryet å kommentere tilbake på bloggen ;) Jeg tror definitivt jeg kommer til å havne innen mediebransjen, men som hva er jeg ikke helt sikker på enda. Ung og usikker ;)

August sa...

These are such great YSL pictures. Thanks for posting them in remembrance.

Monique sa...

Thank you thank you... No I didn't end up getting a pair, I was bidding on a beige pair of espadrilles (money is better spent on things that will be worn often) and I was outbid with less than 10 seconds left :( Oh well. So for now I am saving money...expect a lot of posts containing things I've made myself. Have a good day :)

Times of Glory sa...

What a tribute to Yves Sain Laurent! It is such a sad news to the whole fashion industry! However, his style and pieces will remain forever!

enc sa...

A great post/tribute for YSL. Thanks for doing it.

NewlyInspired sa...

Love this.

kitty kate sa...

cute blog. trade links?

kitty kate sa...

rip....i love the top picture

Diana Coronado sa...


Cate sa...

the african queen model looks so elegant - i think it is my favourite picture ever of a design by the great yves saint laurent. may he rest in peace, and may others continue the magnificent work he has begun.

rohit sa...



The Clothes Horse sa...

He was so genius. A very nice tribute. sa...

Keep on shining!
Klem fra Marie Amanda -

MOND sa...

love him in that safari suit..
the models seemed to all love be in love with him some way

rohit sa...


how r u

i hope you enjoy every minute of your busy life

you are fantastic!!!

a kiss for you, my dear friend!

god bless u dear

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r u ready to do?




still i m confused
sorry for asking again
don't mined dear friend

Kira Fashion sa...

he really was ones of the best, may he rest in piece :)

a kiss