torsdag 5. juni 2008

Things I love about June

Picture from our honeymoon in August, Italy 2007
Dress: Betsey Johnsen
Shoes: New Look
Belt: Vintage, Koma

-Its my Birthday! The 17 of June is the day of festivities and fun. I am a girly girl at heart and still love presents (small and big)! I try to suppress the fact that I am getting older, but at least I become wiser as the years pass by(thats what I think anyway).
-Sex and the City premiere!
-Our 10 year anniversary! It was actually in May, but we had so much going on, that we decided to hold of until June and really enjoy our day together. We have been together 10 years, and almost married one (August).
-Icecream and strawberries.
-The chance to wear all my summer dresses, mini and maxis.
-Sunbathing and wearing flip flops.
-Festivals and summer parties.
-Paris! Saving the best for last. Cant wait to go vintage shopping in Paris. Do let me know if you have any advice as to were-which shops are worth stopping by.

25 kommentarer:

Dotti sa...

Oh dear, you look so damn good. Your tanned skin goes so nice with the pale purble tone. WoW! (When is your birthday?!?

Anonym sa...

Elsker juni. Elsker elsker elsker.. Sommer er årstiden for meg:)

stilettostetico sa...

Statuesque serenity . . .
Ooooohhh "getting older" . . . Not a problem, You're a Timeless Beauty Dear Silje !!!

A Bientôt, Antoine

Siljesfashion sa...

Dotti: Its 17 of june, thanks lovely!

Amie: Ikke noe er bedre en sommeren!

Antoine: Thank you, I always love your comments! Your to kind!

Fashion Critic sa...

that is a great colour on you.

Sharon Rose sa...

Hi my gemini twin!! Yes, I'm with you on the pressies, the flip flops and dress wearing, strawberries and most importantly a June birthday-not long now!! Alas, we've only had today as sunshine-in weeks :-(

annabananna sa...

silje, you look just beautiful! that dress looks stunning on you! and your june sounds like so mch fun. i hope you take tons of pictures and show them to us!

Anonym sa...

ooo my birthday is the 11th & i'm also going to France!

Cupcakes and Cashmere sa...

wow, this picture is beautiful. that lilac color is amazing on your skin and i'm surprised to see such a subtle dress by betsey johnson. who knew? this list just got me SO excited for summer!!!

Ida sa...

Silje, you had the most fabulous and beautiful honeymoon (and dresses!). Seriously. You make me want to finally tie the know with the bf;))

Festivalmagasinet sa...

Hei Silje! Flott blogg du har! Helt enig i at juni er en deilig måned, og ikke minst er det starten på festivalsommeren. Du kunne ikke tenke deg å lage en post om festival-outfit? Så kan vi lage en liten artikkel om det? Mvh

Jenny H. sa...

ahhh you are gorgeous.
love that colour dress.
congrats on the anniversary :)

yeahh i will add you now.
lets keep in touch!

NewlyInspired sa...

CUTE dress! I am SOOO going to my local BJ store :)

Aretha sa...

Love your june, mine is soo rainy and dark :(

alis sa...

Great dress! My birthday is June 9th, same as johnny depp's :) I can't wait to get some color on my legs so I can wear dresses and short shorts everyday!
By the way you needn't worry about your age, I could hardly believe you could be married for 10 years. Unless you got married when you were 16?

Anonym sa...

The photo is great and you looks adorable: so beautiful, stylish and classy.

Poster Girl sa...

I hope you have an amazing birthday! You look stunning as usual!

Always In Style sa...

You are absolutely gorgeous - love love the dress, your honeymoon looks like it should be featured in Vogue!

Times of Glory sa...

Darling Silje, you look seriously gorgeous! Everything is so together like a painting! So stunning in that dress xx

Alice sa...

Beutiful dress, i love the nuance of it and the retro pattern.
Did you spent your honeymoon in Italy? So romantic!
My birtday is june 18!

enc sa...

June is such a brilliant month.

Happy Birthday, and Happy "Anniversary!"

You're beautiful in purple!

Siljesfashion sa...

Thanks, you girls are always have the sweetest comments!

Jayne: We must talk!

Alis: Thank you sweetie! No we got married last year, but got together as a couple ten years ago.

Ida: I am glad! Our wedding day was the happiest of my life.

alwaysinstyle: I wish! I might just give them a call..Thank you for that lovely comment.

timesofglory: Thank you so much, what a great compliment.

alice:Yes Tuscanny and Florence, magnificent! Very romantic indeed. Your birthday is the day after mine!

enc: Its the best month, hands down. Thank you!

fashion* CHALET sa...

this color is beautiful on you!! xx

Krystal sa...

Congratulations on the wedding! What a fairy tale it seems to be.


Anonym sa...

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