tirsdag 22. juli 2008

Blue Sky

Sometimes the most simple things in life are the best.
Like this wonderful blue dress or a late night swim in the sea.

or the clear blue skies at sunset.

For hot days, I find cotton dresses to be best, as they
protect some against the heat. This one I just picked up
at H&M for 10 dollars. Quite the bargain I think.

I cant think of a better view when you go late night

Photos: Margrethe, 8 years old
Dress: H&M
Sunnies: Oliver Peoples
Shoes: Havaianas

These are the best flip flops in the world. I love my new
metallic pink ones, which was a gift from my friend Elissa.
Det er så mange favoritter når det gjelder sommeren, men kveldsbad er en av mine. Mens du bader i deilig sjøvann, kan du nyte solnedgangens fantasiske fargespill. Siden jeg ikke har barn selv(og det er de som gjerne vil bade) låner jeg min gode venninnes barn, Margrethe. Hun er åtte år og har forøvrig tatt bildene av meg. Synes hun gjorde en fantastisk jobb, så hun skal få
fortsette å ta bilder av meg når hun vil.
Og Anne, her har du et bilde med lave sko!

One of my favorite things about summer, is a late night swim. Since I dont have any children myself, I often borrow my good friends little one, as an excuse to go swimming. Of course they have long since seen through this scam, but me and Margrethe(8 years old) always have such a great time together. She is a fast learner, so when I suggested she could take my outfit pictures, she was all game. And I think she did a pretty awesome job! The dress is one of the things I got on my last sale shopping spree and it has the most beautiful blue color. The sunset? Free of charge.

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stilettostetico sa...

Ooooooohh AND We want to make an "overdose of BLUE" with You Silje !!!!!!
ps: Your "junior photographer" has Induspitably a great potential !!!

A Bientôt, Antoine

Hanne sa...

Kjempesøt kjole:) Man kan virkelig gjøre kupp på H&M, hvis man leter litt.

Anonym sa...

your dress is amazing, perfectly summer and that lovely sunset, she is quite the little photographer :)

atelier sa...

It looks very nice, the landscape and you, amazing!

Sharon Rose sa...

LOL- will your regular photographer think they are out of a job, now your darling little friend has taken some spectacular shots of you in this lovely dress!! She's done very well indeed! BTW, thanks to your last inspirational post and talk of cardis, I managed to get one for Autumn when thrifting today!!

Ida sa...

Those shots are breathtaking. No one could look as beautiful in a simple cotton dress as you, Silje. It goes perfectly with your blond hair and charming smile. Soooo pretty!

fashion herald sa...

nice job, margrethe! that's a lovely color on you, i love a cute bargain dress in the summer.

hanna sa...

du har fått brilliant blog award av meg! :D reglene finner du på bloggen min.

hanna sa...

hehe ja ok det skjønner jeg jo ;D

Miss at la Playa sa...

The late swims are the best... the water isn't as cold as it is in the morning! :P

Cupcakes and Cashmere sa...

what a fantastically uplifting post. thanks for this! i happen to have the exact same flip flops and they just make me so happy every time i look down at my feet!

CoutureCarrie sa...

Hi beautiful! You match the sky :)

And of course you can link me - I am honored and I just added you to my blogroll also!!


Kine sa...

Søt kjole :D

Psyche sa...

Breathtaking photos!

Poster Girl sa...

The views and the dress are beautiful. Your photographer is well on her way to becoming a young pro! Your blog is one of the first ones I visit for inspiration, so thank you for that!

Fashion Tidbits sa...

wow! nice pictures!

Dakota77 sa...

Your little photographer did a very good job, indeed. Those pics are great. You look stunning in that dress. Simple and stylish- that's what I like:-)

Hilde N sa...

Jeg elsker fargen på kjolen din! Ser mer eksklusiv ut enn HM :)
8-åringen må jeg si er et naturtalent til å fotografere!

Lady Melbourne sa...

More summer glory Silje, just gorgeous!
I love late swims too, specially if the air is still lovely and warm.

WendyB sa...


enc sa...

I think these are my most favorite images of you ever. I also think this is the most flattering dress I've ever seen on you! Spectacular.

♥ fashion chalet sa...

Thanks for the comment ♥

That blue dress looks amazing on you. The color is fantastic with your skin tone. :)

I love Havaianas too!! ^_^

Anonym sa...

Nydelige bilder! Ordentlig drømmende..


women re beautiful when they smile

you are a woman
you smile
you have a beautiful dress

conclusion :
you are beautiful !

cheers from Paris


saray sa...

stuning pics..

Anonym sa...