fredag 18. juli 2008

Norwegian Summer- Part Two

Black & White has always been a staple
in my wardrobe. Its so versatile and you
can always count on it to save you in a case
of fashion emergency.

Sometimes I find the most amazing deals
in the weirdest places. This bag was discovered
by my friends daughter in the H&M childrens
department, and was a steal at 3 dollars.

Dont be fooled by the sun, it was actually
freezing here.

A long cardigan is a great investment piece for fall.
I will get another grey and black one to wear with
my flower dresses.

I think I am having a love affair with polkadots this summer.
Believe me when I say it is as suprising to me, as I have liked
the trend before, but now I simply love it. Bikini purchased
on sale for 12 dollars at H&M.

Jean shorts: Old Levis cut offs
Singlet: H&M
Cardigan: Gina Tricot
Shoes: H&M
Sunnies: Gina Tricot
Bikini: H&M
Jeg var så heldig å få en pris, Brilliant blogger award, av elegante TimesofGlory og fantastiske PlaineJayne, og her er mine nominerte:

The lovely jayne of plainejayne and the lady Times of Glory, awarded me with the Brilliante Blogger Award. I bow my head humbly for this honor and pass it on to the following ladies.
The rules for passing on the award are as follows:
1) When received, you may post the premio to your blog.2) Link to the blogger you received it from3) Give it to 7 blogs 4)Link to those 7 blogs5)…and leave those seven bloggers a comment about receiving award.

Sharon of SharonRoseVintage. My cyber twin, who has the uniqe ability to find the greatest finds, especially when it comes to vintage fashion. She has a great eye for spotting treasures and making it own. Her blog always lists her latest finds and advice on were to get the best deals. She always leaves me with tons of inspiration!

Amie of amiestyledungeon: Such a sweet girl with so many good ideas. A visit to her blog always brings a smile to my face.

Marthe of marteverden. she writes about so many things, and I especially like her makeup testing. She orders new products all the time and loves to share the experience with her readers, which Is great for us readers.

Pamcasso of squareoldsoul: Reflected and entertaining writing are just some of the things I like about her blog.

Postergirl of FashionTrendguide. If you are ever planning on going to Santa Barbara or its vicinity, you should visit this blog. She writes great reviews of every store, market, sale or anything else regarding fashion. If you wonder were to get a certain pair of shoes or jacket, she has the answer.

Kira of Kirasfashion. Kira is such a lovely lady and she always has the most interesting posts. I always enjoy a visit to her blog, because I know her posts always are entertaining.

Krystal of Whatisrealityanyway has one of the best selection in her vintage shop. She always manages to put together great outfits and has a killer vintage wardrobe herself.

35 kommentarer:

Krystal sa...

I love Silje <3

She always gets my best blogger award!


Sharon Rose sa...

Hi Silje-I feel so honoured by that fabulous comment in your post-so very lovely and of course you are one of my faves and my cyber twin and I also get plenty of inspiration from you too!! Thanks so much! Back to your outfit, I love the black and white combo and the polka dot bikini is just soo cute-I love how you've layered this whole look together! have a great weekend, Silje!!

♥ fashion chalet sa...

do you know how pretty you are! love these!! xoxo thanks for your comments :)

Kira Fashion sa...

Hi my dear friend!
I am really honored to receive such a great reward! Your are fabulous, I am huge fan of your blog!!!
Tomorrow i will post my nominations...i never did it before, thanks to you!!!

a kiss,
you are fantastic!!!
see you,

Hanne sa...

Nydelig cardigan, man kan ikke få for mange av de;)

Anonym sa...

oo love the long cardy! oversized is always good! and I must check out all of these blogs! btw, do you mind if I use some photos of you on my next post about the 70s? you're such an inspiration!

Anonym sa...

oo love the long cardy! oversized is always good! and I must check out all of these blogs! btw, do you mind if I use some photos of you on my next post about the 70s? you're such an inspiration!

enc sa...

All the blogs you chose for the award are great!

I love that bikini. Black and white is a solid fallback for me, too. You look great in bold stripes.

Renate sa...

Kjempekult antrekk!:-)

lara sa...

Oh I love the Cardigan on you , you look really cute in it , and i like your sunnies!

The Clothes Horse sa...

That bag is fantastic. I love how you are wearing such basic colors but it is far from boring.

stilettostetico sa...

And Your Norwegian Summer is very Bewitching Dear Silje, as your bare back in the precedent post . . . Always statuesque (as a modern Goddess -of "Fashion" !!!-escaped from Scandinavian mythology ; and gladly casual . . .
ps: I 'm sure this polkadots bikini is especially made for your Body !!! Eeeeeuuh (Shy French Guy . . .) No Pictures ?

A Bientôt, Antoine

Shirin sa...

a lovely piece of cardigan!

Anonym sa...

hey silje, thanks for granting me permission, you're now up on my latest post, check it out :)

Anonym sa...

I think we went to Gerard Darel at least twice, my mom didn't realize it was a chain store haha, so we hit it twice haha. I bought an amazing pair of patent pumpkin orange peep-toe slingback wedges, hard to describe, but awesome!


Simple and chic!!! Love it!

Congratulations on your award!


Marte sa...

Takk Silje! Utrolig koselig å få denne bemerkelsen fra deg :) Du har en utrolig flott blogg selv - digger stilen din!

Fashion Addict sa...

I love that outfit! It's crazily chic! Go girl!

Hilde N sa...

Digger Cardiganen - tror jeg må ta en tur på Gina og investere i en sånn jeg også. Ellers hadde Kate Moss at Topshop en super cardi i marineblått og hvitt nå! Men irriterende nok finner jeg ikke noe bilde av den, så da er det vel kanskje ikke mulig å bestille den heller... !

Lady Melbourne sa...

I love black and white and this is such a great casual look. Plus the bag at $3 is such a steal!

LJ sa...

Love the black and white cardigan, looks fantastic with the shorts! Congrats for the best blogger award - always love stopping by your site and getting inspiration :)

Anonym sa...

Herlig fint:) Tusen millioner for award´en:D:D

Mimi sa...

I love the striped cardigan and the cutoff shorts.

Camilla sa...

Kjempefin cardigan. Og nydelige bilder.

atelier sa...

I love that cardi, it looks so nice! oh, and be sure I will try the shoes carefully, I want them to last, hihi

fashion herald sa...

love the black and white, and i know what you mean about the polka dots, they are irresistible this year!

Aretha sa...

You look lovely as usual, just like Nicole Richie would wear these days!

naroniel sa...

gorgeous. love your outfit.

Alice Point sa...

Great cardigan! I love stripes!! :) You look so nice:)

Pamcasso sa...

thank you for the award, so kind of you:) also, love the cardigan! I've been looking for a striped one like that.


Fun idea this award and a good way to discover new fab blogs. Love your bikini, I have to find one myself, I'm going to take a look at H&M.

NewlyInspired sa...

Love those shorts :) I've been thrift hunting for a pair to cut but have had no luck. what size did you get, we look about the same?

Ediot sa...

elsker! elsker outfiten. helt utrolig fin. det er så mye jeg har missa i bloggen din i det siste. fantastisk velskrive og intressant. og du er vakker som en sånn sommerdag som har vært idag! ha en fantastisk uke fantastiske silje! ps.- så deg i costume- skikkelig moro å se!

Anonym sa...







Anonym sa...