fredag 25. juli 2008

Same Dress, Different Shoes

I love my vintage dresses. This one I bought
of ebay for a steal, earlier this spring.

We were meeting some friends at the marina,
Aker Brygge, which is the place to go for late
night drinks in the evening, if you ever visit Oslo.

Dress: Vintage
Shoes: Bianco
Handbag: Chanel
Bracelet: Vintage

One of the reasons to enjoy drinks down here, is the view.
The yellow boat seen in the back, will take you out to all
of the islands, were you can visit museums or just enjoy
the Norwegian nature.

Its always crowded, but we got a table after
20 minutes, so it was not to bad. We enjoyed our drinks at
TGI Fridays(strawberry daiquiri for me) well into the night,
which turned out to be the hottest night here in Oslo, so far
this summer.

And I had to share with you one of my latest ebay finds.
An Oscar de la Renta skarf in purple. Perfect for fall and
a steal from a great ebay seller The Roo Vintage where
I also found the most amazing dress, which I will post
later on.

I går kveld tok vi turen til Aker brygge. Det var uten tvil den varmeste kvelden i Oslo hittil i sommer, og det ble feiret på uteserveringen til Fridays. Vi traff både gamle og nye venner, og det ble en flott opplevelse. Jeg fikk to komplimenter for kjolen min, som jeg synes var utrolig hyggelig. En jente sa jeg så ut som Carrie i Satc(!) mens Ine, som var veldig morsom og sjarmerende, sa hun hadde beundret kjolen min hele kvelden(sukk). Man kan si hva man vil, men hyggelige kompliementer er noe av det beste man kan få -og gi, synes jeg. Noen ganger er det akkurat hva man trenger for å få "det lille løftet" den dagen. Var også på litt shopping igår og tok turen innom Tonica Vintage, hvor jeg fikk med meg en fantastisk hattekoffort fra 50tallet(tror jeg) og litt andre småting. Tusen takk for alle de fantastisk flotte kommentarene om 70talls posten! Gleder meg at den falt i smak hos både faste og nye lesere.

Last night was such a fun night. We went down to the Marina for drinks & to meet up with old and new friends. It was probably the hottest night so far this summer in Oslo, so we enjoyed it buy having drinks at the waterfront. I had a lovely time and met some very nice people. I got two complimets on my dress that I will cherish for a long time. Ine, this fantastic and lovely girl we got to know, told me she had been admiring my dress the whole evening. Another girl told me I looked like Carrie in Satc! How wonderful was that?
Today I am eating strawberries on the porch and enjoying the sun. Later me and my husband will go and have massages and dinner, so its bound to be a marvelous day.
Thank you all so much for your lovely comments on my 70s post, I am so happy you all liked it!

27 kommentarer:

stilettostetico sa...

But simply Because You naturally deserves compliments Dear Silje, such Classy/statuesque "Flower Child" !!! And I like very much the way your toes' nail polish is in a "Fetishissime harmony" with the Prints . . .

A Bientôt, Antoine

Kat sa...

The colours and shape of that dress are amazing.

Sharon Rose sa...

Hi Silje-I remember this dress from an earlier post-it is soo gorgeous and really is timeless and chic!! Aaah, the scarf is wonderful, we certainly did well with our scarf bargains this week-haha!! I did my Ossie post, take a peek when you get the chance!! Have a wonderful weekend, dear Silje and soo pleased you had a great evening yesterday, it looked a lovely place to be!

Hilde N sa...

Jeg elsker Oslo om sommeren! det er så utrolig deilig og alle menneskene blir liksom tre hakk gladere og mer imøtekommende med en gang sola viser seg.
Kjolen din er helt fantastisk!

Psyche sa...

The dress and scarf are amazing finds!!!

Always In Style sa...

That dress looks like it was made for you...lovely!

Ida sa...

You are looking so fresh, Silje! Love that bursting with color dress against your tan, makes me long for the summer heat.

Very glad to know you had fun last night, and are enjoying a good long day of relaxation with your husband. What more could a lady want?

aizat.cinta.goddess sa...

love the dress!!it is so pretty

studentstil sa...

Hva søker du på for å finne de fine tingene du finner på ebay? :-)

Cupcakes and Cashmere sa...

i agree, there's something so special about dining/drinking by the water. it's so calming and creates the perfect environment for an evening with friends. that floral dress is perfection on you.

Anonym sa...

you do look very Carrie, love the dress and glad you had a fun night :)

atelier sa...

wow, that scarf looks incredibly cool!!
BTW; the girl on the picture was me

Tina :) sa...

That is a LOVELY dress! Very colorful and cheerful. I love the structure as well!

Siljesfashion sa...

Antoine: Thank you for that lovely comment, you are to sweet. To be credited as a flower child, I am honored. My mum will be proud:-

Studentstil: det er veldig mye! Men jeg har favorittselgere som jeg deler med dere. Ofte søker jeg feks "vintage dress" og får op veldig mye, men går igjennom kanskje 20 sider. Når jeg bestiller fra en selger, sjekker jeg alltid hva mer de har. Feks så fant jeg en vintage kjole, og den samme hadde dette skjerfet. Man må være villig til å bruke endel tid i begynnelsen for at det skal bli bra. Sjekk ut ebay postene mine hvis du vil ha flere råd.Håper du har en bra sommer så lenge!

Thank you ladies, you make my day!

MR style sa...

wow that dress is so lovely !!

Arielle sa...

I love the cut and pattern on your dress. It looks fantastic

enc sa...

Wow, what a perfect fit for an eBay find! Did you have to alter it at all?

It's a really beautiful print, as is that scarf.

Dana (pron. like Donna) sa...

can't wait to see the new dress!! And I think that vint one you're wearing fits you amazingly well
I've been a silent reader for a while, btw, so, hi, I'm Dana :)

Lady Melbourne sa...

What a gorgeous ebay find Silje, well done.
Looks like your still having lots of summer fun, that dress is just gorgeous! Your wardrobe must be brimming with sweet summer dresses!

Siljesfashion sa...

enc: yes, this one I had to alter a little bit, but its because I have a very small back. So, I took it in at the sides and you really cant tell. I did it for hand as I dont have a sewing machine yet. But I find small alterations are ok for me to do and sometimes I just go and have it fixed at the proffesionals.

Hi Dana, thats so lovely and I am thrilled that you left a comment. Thank you!

Lady Melbourne: Its so funny, but I just needed a couple of new items to see my wardrobe in a different light. Of course my husband does wonder if I need anymore dresses. The answer to that is off course always yes!

Dana (pron. like Donna) sa...

sure, I love your blog and style, I would've added you anyway!

Kristiane sa...

elsker det snittet på kjoler.. og du kledde det utrolig bra:)

AlicePleasance sa...

That dress is amazing and so is the scarf! Great finds :-)

Renée Sturme sa...

That dress is just PER-FECT!

Fashion Tidbits sa...

what a lovely print to wear near the water!!! fabulous

Poster Girl sa...

The dress and the views are stunning. I'm so glad your're enjoying your summer. And I'm surprised that you have TGIFridays in Oslo!

Renate sa...

Jeg elsker kjolen og veska! Sjokk at kjolen er vintage, har letet etter en sånn :p