torsdag 10. juli 2008

Letters from Paris-Last Day

Sunnies: Oliver Peoples
Probably the hottest day during our trip.
So, I opted for a lighweight dress and flip flops.

On our last day in Paris, we went to Gallery
Lafayette. I still had hope as to find some of
the things on my shopping list. And....

There it was, the Gucci bag I have lusted
after, on a 50 percent sale off. Heaven indeed!
Needles to say, I was very happy.

Not only was the mall huge, they had all
high end designer items, a floor of handbags,
a floor of shoes and tons of great stuff. Since
it was sales, there was very limited sizes,
however I did end up with some great deals.

-Gucci handbag
-French Connection jumpsuit
-Ombre dress
-Pink leather filofax
-Pink leather passportholder
Not all the things that I wanted, but I was
very happy with what I got.

The champagne bar. A nice thouch. Since
we were on a time limit, I opted to shop.
However, they did have my favorite Rose Moet ..
Todays tip: If you shop at department store,
make sure they fill out the tax form for you,
it will go so smothly at the airport. I think you
have to spend over 180 euros in a shop to get
back any taxes. Its worth it though, I get back
around 100 on my spendings.
Very sad to go. I had such an amazing time.
I could have stayed for many more days.
Thank you for all your lovely comments, I
hope I have inspired you with our journey.

Dress: H&M
Ballerinas: H&M
Scarf:Bik Bok
Handbag: Vintage Chanel
Macarones in every flavor. I bought cheese, bread,
Macarones and Champagne to bring home.

I will post pictures of all the things I got as I wear them
in the upcoming days.

Tax free shopping:
-Biotherm all about eyes
-Biotherm lotion, I highly recommend this
-Biotherm age fitness facial cream
-Yves Saint Laurent fuschia lipstick 128
-Good champagne
-While waiting for plane I picked up all
my favorite magazines and I am still
working through them now, back home. So, it
was a good thing I did not spend my budget, beacuse
now I have even more money towards my fall wardrobe...

Au revior Paris! Cant wait to see you again.

31 kommentarer:

Isa sa...

Love the way you show Paris !!
For me , Galeries Lafayettes in Paris is the most beautiful store in the world ... or perhaps just in France !!

Sharon Rose sa...

Yay-what a great saga, Silje!! Soo pleased you came home with some lovely goodies-can't wait to see the Gucci bag in action! You showcased Paris brilliantly, well done on some lovely posts!!

Cupcakes and Cashmere sa...

how is it that your outfits manage to get cuter by the day??? that h&m white dress is beyond adorable and i think i need those oliver peoples you have as well!

atelier sa...

I will go to Printemps tomorrow to buy a bag; these two places are so cool -Printemps and Layafette- to buy on sales. Paris is getting better, it's a pity you are leaving; maybe we have seen each other on the street but didn't recognize because I was there today too!

Kira Fashion sa...

I am so happy for you and your new Gucci!! wow!!!
Congratulations, so lucky!
Its sad to come back, but i see you really enjoyed your trip!!!
thanks for sharing all!

a kiss!!

Sister Libby sa...

Your trip seemed wonderful! And my god, you have the most adorable dress I have ever seen.

Siri Malene sa...

mmmh Paris!!! Looks like youre haveing a great time!! ;)

Anjeanette sa...

LOVE the dress and the scarf! You have really really great style. I hope to go to Paris next summer!

Dotti sa...

Thanks for sharing your lovely Paris memories with us! It's been so nice and entertaining.

Siljesfashion sa...

You ladies are to kind! Thank so much for all your lovely comments, they really mean a lot to me.
Xoxo, Silje

Hilde N sa...

Jeg nøyer meg med et enkelt: Ååååh! Parisinnleggene dine har vært toppen!


You look beautiful. The most lovely girl in Paris! ♥ Thanks for the comments and for being a friend. PS: The Gucci store there looks just like my Gucci store here.


Great post! Sounds like you had unforgettable holiday! xx

jayne sa...

oo love the dress, very summery. i wish i had stuck it out at lafayette your deals are amazing! please post the fcuk jumpsuit, i'm definitely intrigued! and aren't macaroons the best? i wish they sold them in the US ugg. thanks for these fun great posts, I enjoyed comparing our trips, but i'm not quite done yet hehe, i was there longer

Anonym sa...

I am always so impressed with the outfits you put together. You always look so polished, but also very real. Thanks for the inspiration!

pammish sa...

yey ur wearing havi's :) i have same color! and nice dress!

im so jealous with the 50% off gucci! ahh.. ive always wanted to go to europe just to buy bags! cos its way cheaper there! :) but of course, our flight fare is not :)

Pamcasso sa...

Lafayette is so amazing to walk around. Glad you found that great bag on sale!

Mira sa...

Du ser bra ut i alt, Silje! Digger det!

bi-style sa...

you look so lovely and "frech" in the blue dress! I hope you enjoyed the time?!

Nadine sa...

Paris - oooh I'm so jealous! And both dresses look so wonderful!

A la Femme sa...

Wow, your pictures are so amazing!! I love your white dress with the chanel bag. So lovely!!

Honeymoon sa...

After Paris Fashion Week...Paris Urban Art ! Come to see this new post ! And thank u very much for ur comment !

See u !

Amie sa...

Å for en drøm! :):) Du ser jo helt fantastisk ut!

The Clothes Horse sa...

Gorgeous dresses. You make me want to visit Paris very desperately!
AS for vintage shops, yes there are a good number in my area and also I feel the secondhand shops are better (less picked over) in the countryside (where I am) than in cities.

enc sa...

Congratulations on that Gucci score.

Your beautiful account of your Paris trip made me feel I was there. It was very well done, and the photos were lovely. Thank you very much for taking so much time taking us along.


fashion herald sa...

some paris shopping love! 50% off for that beaut.bag, what a deal. that floral dress on you is perfect.


Enjoy all the french goodies you brought back and next time you'll be in Paris I'll give you some other nice addresses and places to go for shopping.

WendyB sa...

I totally forgot that they have that beautiful atrium in Galeries Lafayette. I haven't been there in ages!

Marte sa...

Digger den blå vintagekjolen din!

Ediot sa...

fantastiske bilder. sånn passe misunnlig...

NewlyInspired sa...

LOVE Macarones!