lørdag 5. juli 2008

Letters from Paris-Day 2

Ready for some retail therapy. This street
has everything from Cartier to Zara, so its
possible to find something that suits your
Top: Vero Moda
Jeans: Mango
Necklace: Vintage
Shoes: Italian
Handbag: Vintage Chanel
Bracelet: Vintage
Jacket: Lindex
Sunnies: Oliver Peoples

Arc de Triomphe.
Details from the Arc.

Spectacular details inside the Arc.

The French are experts in window shopping.
And this is an experience you should try, its a
lot of fun.
George v and Rive Gauche are home to some
of the most expensive designer stores.
On my shopping list today:
-Gucci or Chanel handbag
-Local jewelry
-White Blazer
-New shoes, preferably nude peep toes or
some Jimmy Choos in a fab colour.
I love a beautiful dress, to me that is close
to art, just a different kind of beauty. I can
study the details for hours away..
Almost all the stores had sales on the summer collection.
Soo much to see, try on and buy. Be aware, this street
is expensive.. Found some fierce shoes here, but of course,
sold out in my size. The story of this shopping day.

I loved this store, it looked like a perfect walk-in closet
inside. The service was lovely and the girls helpful.

Looking for that perfect handbag. I truly
believe that if you are spending a lot of cash,
be sure to get those classics that will last
you a lifetime.

Whats he looking at?
Tried the most perfect shoes and
of course they were sold out in my size. The story of this

Beautiful scenery og the Seine and the Eiffel Tower.

Start everyday with a chocolate croissant. Find a local
bakery and get your favorites before you start walking
So I ended up getting nothing after todays shopping,
only feet that hurt.
Very disappointing, but sometimes these things
happen. At least the dinner was excellent. And
tomorrow is a new day!

Dinner & Champagne
Dress: Diane von Furstenberg
Handbag: Zara
Jacket: H&M
Necklace: Vintage
Shoes: Old Navy -a gift from my American
friends, whom we met up with in Paris
Bracelet: Vintage

You can not be in Paris withouth tasting the local cousine,
wine and champagne. This is the best chocolate fondant ever..

Useful information:
-Take the Metro to Champs -Elysees. See the Arc de Triomphe before you start your shopping adventure on these streets.
-Please use nice walking shoes. Paris is all about walking, and these streets are soooo long.
-Have lunch at one of the Brasseries in a sidestreet to the main street as it is cheaper, the service and the food is much better.
-The sales are called "soldes" and often start the first weekend of July. Its possible to make some great deals on designer items like Gucci and Yves Saint Laurent. But also cheaper stores like Zara and Promodo.
-Sit at the sidewalk and have coffee while you watch the locals, so much great fashion going on, its bound to inspire you! My favorite pasttime was spent with French Vogue and a glass of wine at the sidewalk cafees.
Tomorrow: Flea Markets and a day at the Museums

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Sharon Rose sa...

Hi Silje-excellent installment, too bad about the unbought wishlist :-( looking forward to the next part! I loved the look of the shops there-it reminds me of Sloane Street in London!!

Anonym sa...

oj, gu so kjekkt;) Eg er virkelig missunlig på deg.

Lady Melbourne sa...

What a wonderful time you look like you're having!
I went to the that Dior shop when I was in Paris last and the ladies there were lovely to me.
I love your outfits as well, you don't look like a tourist at all.

carokal sa...

Ah, jeg elsker Paris. Vært der en gang og drar mer enn gjerne tilbake. Jeg og min mor bodde på et lite hotell hvor vi fikk frokost på rommet, deriblandt sjokolade croissant. De er herlige!

coco sa...

I adore the jeans and white top together. Such a chic look. You actually looked like you were working at Chanel!

Fashion Addict sa...

OMG, you look like you're having such a great time and the photos of you in front of the stores are great. I love the Chanel one the best!!!

B sa...

Den Arc de Thriumphe og egentlig hele bildet minnet veldig om Marble Arch i London.

enc sa...

More fantastic pictures. I can't wait for the next installment!

You look beautiful in that dress.

Kira Fashion sa...

Paris, for sure, is the best place of the planet!!!!!

a kiss!!!

Anonym sa...

hey, you're back from France too? looks like you had an awesome time as well (and a very chic time if i might add, totally jealous of your great widelegs and chanel bag). good tips, i totally should've bought a metro card, but alas we dealt with the havoc of trying to use the dumb machines or wait in line for the salesperson, and another metro tip is never to try and get on the train when the beeping starts to indicate the doors are closing, my mom almost got her arm stuck, it was scary. it sounds like you had slightly better luck with finding the good restaurants, the side streets are the way to go, once we turned off the main streets we found some wonderful bistros and even ethnic food, but we had some hits and misses the first day. but i did find a wonderful local patisseries, the pastries were heaven literally and we thus proceeded to go back daily. i actually didn't find a lot shopping either, the prices were so extravagant, there hardly seemed to be an middle ground stores, where do the parisians actually shop i wonder? but i still enjoyed seeing the true designer stores in person, like you I took a photo of the Givency dress too, I'm not even kidding haha, it was that remarkable we both stopped!! btw, thanks for the shopping tips, I found a lot of the stores you sent me in the e-mail. that one vintage shop in the collanade by the louvre (if you went there that is) was amazing! btw, i like you, loved to observe the local style, there were some outfits that i couldn't stop staring at, i finally learned the real definition of je ne sais quoi haha. looking forward to more of your posts (flea mkts sounds promising especially since I didn't go to one :( and hope you can check out mine, they'll be in a slightly different format.

Anonym sa...

I made it to lafayette one day, but crowd was so insane we left after 20 minutes without buying a thing. i did kind of shop daily, well not buy daily, but I browsed each day at least in between the sites, we saw a lot too- orsay, louvre, a special marie antoinette exhibit, versailles, tulleries gardens, luxembourg gardens, pere lachaise cemetary...it was totally overwhelming, and like you i think i have inspiration overload too haha oh well it will make for some interesting posts. what did you end up buying? although i didn't get a lot I did wind up with a few good purcahses...

bi-style sa...

Both outfits are so aborable!! And Paris is such beautiful city!

AlicePleasance sa...

I'm glad you're having a nice time and I'm sorry for your feet and your lack of shopping today! But I'm sure you'll be lucky tomorrow at the flea markets ;-)

Aretha sa...

You should be a professional model. Seriously

Mira sa...

Med andre ord må man ta med seg masse penger til Paris! Jeg elsker virkelig den vesken fra Zara. Fikk aldri tid til å dra på butikken, så si fra hvis du selger den, hihi (noe jeg tviler på). Forresten; så du fabulous ut!

Siljesfashion sa...

Sharon Rose: I agree!!

Mari: Det var helt fantastisk, håper du får dratt selv!

lady melbourne: Really, having the time of my life. Thank you for that lovely comment, it means a lot coming from you, who are always in style.

Carokal: Enig!!

Coco: Thank you for that wonderful comment.

Fashion addict: Thank you, I agree! He was so funny, we all cracked up.

b-der har jeg ikke vært, men kanskje det blir på neste London tur da!

enc and Kira: Thank you!

Jayne: Left the comments on your blog, your to sweet.

bi-style: Thank you and thanks for stopping by!

alicepleasance: Haha, thank you, they still hurt, but thats the price you pay for a city break!

Aretha: Thank you, what a lovely comment!

Mira: Haha, kanskje det! Nei, den er godt brukt og frynser holder seg til høsten. Men tror du ikke de har den på salg nå da? Verdt et forsøk!

Fashion Ivy sa...

I must visit Paris.

Fashion Tidbits sa...

yam yam croissants!!! it sounds so yum! and your trip is sounding so fun

alis sa...

Wow that arc really is something. I didn't know it had such exquisite detailing. I am loving your blue DVF dress, that's something I would LOVE to wear. I can't wait for your flea markets post! The main attraction in Paris for me has always been the flea markets that I've been hearing a lot of great things about!

Btw: it's very funny that you said the ladies at Dior were very nice and helpful. Remember that Sex and the City episode in which Carrie fell in the Dior store, the contents of her handbag spilled on the floor, and the French gave her bad looks? That would make me think twice before going in :)

Honeymoon sa...

U r a fashion addict ! If u want, I invite u to come to see some of the most beautiful heels, dresses and bags of the Paris fashion week !

See u !

Honeymoon sa...

Of course ! I put ur link on my blog !


welcome to Paris !!!

i advice you to go at Colette's boutique , 245 rue du faubourg saint honoré, 75008
and then visit the marais area, close to Hotel de ville (the town hall) : you'll love it !
there is a shooping area called "rue des francs bourgeois"
and as it's sale periode in France, i am sure you'll have bargains

let's swhicth links !
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if you need my help, just ask me.


popular.style sa...

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Hilde N sa...

Ååååhhhhhhhh! Lengter tilbake!


A day of my dreams!! LOVELY! <3