onsdag 9. juli 2008

Letters from Paris-Day 4

On our fourth day in Paris, we went to see
Notre Dame. And yes, thats me in the DVF
dress. It was soooo hot, I was very happy
I choose this dress. Its my "hero" dress, it
saves me no matter what occasion.

Very early, before it got hot, in front of YSL.
Always bring a cardigan or Pashmina to stay
warm and cover your shoulders if you go into
a church.
Dress: Diane von Furstenberg
Cardigan: Lindex
Sunnies: Sean John

Sainte-Chapelle. Incredible beautiful church
on the outside

as well on the inside. The glass paintings were amazing,
I have never seen anything quite like it.

Musee du Louvre. Remember the movie about the
DaVinci Code? Kind of like it. To me this museum was
much better on the outside than the inside. In a minute
you will see why.

Mona Lisa. To me, art is something you study in awe and
silence. I prefer it when its few people and you can get lost
in the moment. Unfortunately, too see this, you would have to
endure THIS

freaking sircus. Crazy people pushing to get in front. To
me that was waay to much, so I went shopping while
the others went through the rest of the museum.

First stop, Shoe Bizz 42 rue du dragon in st germain-des-pres.
I walked from Louvre, a good 15 minute walk.
Cheap good stuff, and sales.

Next stop the vintage store Killiwatch.
I am sorry to say I forgot to take a picture,
However, it was huge, but I was very let
down by its contents. In a vintage guide I read
they had vintage high end designers like Dior,
Gucci and Chanel. Not true. And their dresses
was way overpriced. I did not find a single
thing in this store.

So off to Free P star, another vintage store with great
reviews. Tons of vintage dresses for 10 euros each. Not
a bad price, considering were I just was. They also had
tons of handbags, belts, shoes and other stuff in this tiny
store. However, like i said before its was soooo hot and
crowded. I found 5 dresses i liked, but NONE in my size.
By now, my frustration was evident. Of course, in the window
hangs the most beautiful white & black polkadot dress-in a size
small- would they let me buy it, NO.

On the way to find the Metro I stumbled across this store.
It was pink(!) and beautiful. Both the dresses in the picture
were lovely, but not my size. Found some very nice shoes,
but nothing in my size.

Yves Saint Laurent was closed, however there was tons
to admire in the window...

Off to Christian Louboutin we went.
Finally, I was going to get a pair of those red soled darlings.
Imagine what Dorothy felt slipping into those red shoes,
and add that up times ten. Thats how hard my heart was
beating. On top of that they had a sale! I died and came to
shoe heaven....

Now imagine how I feel when they say they dont have
any pairs that I want in my size. I wanted either a nude,
black or snakeskin heel. Why? Those go with everything.
SOLD OUT seems to be the theme of today.

Iris. Another good shoe store on the same street. Marc
Jacobs, Chloe, something for everybody. Nothing that
wowed me though, still in shock after the CL experience.
After this, we hit a few more stores, but I must confess,
I had enough. I never buy to buy, I need to find things I love.
Besided, It was sooo hot and my feet were swollen,
so we took the metro back and enjoyed life with a glass of
wine at a Brasserie close to our hotel.
Shopping List:
-Christian Louboutin shoes. Nude or black.
-White blazer, preferably vintage
-Vintage dresses, scarves, shoes and clutches
-Chanel, Balenciaga or Prada shoes
-Gucci or Chanel handbag
-Shoes in general

What I ended up with:
-1 pair of shoes

However, my American friend decided to
give me all the things she had brought for me
like a dress and a top from Forever 21 and these
Old Navy shoes, that I got the day before. Let me
tell you it cheered me up!

Ready to dine & wine at Chez Andre`. We
took the Metro, no more walking this day.

Cardigan: Vintage
Skirt and top: H&m
Handbag: Zara
Bracelet: Vintage
Shoes: Old Navy
Were we had Rose Pommery champagne
and toasted to our last night in paris.

Yes, it was as good as it looks.
Tomorrow: Shopping at Galeries Lafayette. Finally, I scored
some shopping!
Todays tip: The local or house wine is usually excellent.
Order a glass to go with your preference of cheese, divine.

25 kommentarer:

Pamcasso sa...

so sorry your shopping didn't go better, you looked great in your pink blazer though!

Times of Glory sa...

Dear, it is a fantastic holiday! I agree shopping can be hard... especially during sale season, we actually need lots of effort to search down for 1 pair of shoes, don't you think? However, you look really really fab xxxxxxxxx

Sharon Rose sa...

Fancy the shops there not having your size in shoes-you'd think the Paris branches would be well stocked, what a shame:-(
Still, very kind of your friend to give you these wonderful gifts:-)

lara sa...

Great pictures, but it'scrazy how many people there are :S I really want to go to Paris as well ... my dream for these holidays I hope it comes true ;)

Wendy sa...

That sucks that shopping didn't go well. But I bet there are more chances, even when you are just touring places.


Your DVF dress is really beautiful and suits you so well. What a shame you couldn't find your size at Louboutin, I've got only one pair, red pumps with red soles, perfect match.

Monique sa...

I feel your Louboutin pain!!!! I was bidding on this ADORABLE pair of wedges over at Ebay and what do you know, outbid at the last SECOND for the only pair in my size.

The DVF dress is amazing, it looks gorgeous on you. And that dessert made me hungry!!!

Poster Girl sa...

Wow, the museum looked like a madhouse, with so many people. I'm glad you got to take photos. The architecture is beautiful, we don't have anything like that in the U.S.

Kira Fashion sa...

I WANNA go to Paris right now!!!


a kiss!

Danz sa...

That DVF dress is really a beauty! It's perfect for summer and so versatile - I can see why you love it so much! The second outfit is wonderful too! I often have difficulty getting the things I want when I go shopping as well, it can be very frustrating. Glad you found some things the next day though...I can't wait to see what you bought! :)

stilettostetico sa...

Dear Silje, The Parisian Metro 's company should engage You as Official ambassadress !!!!
Spend a good stay "to us" !!!

A Bientôt, Antoine

atelier sa...

pics are awesome. I will try do some review about Paris, I'll let you know (I am staying here one month).

Richel sa...

I'm jealous that you are there! You look lovely in all of these photos!

Luna sa...

Så heldig du er! :)

Mich sa...

So sad that shopping isn't going as you would like! I totally agree with you about the Louvre - I loved the outside and wish I would have just stayed outside. Its so crazy inside! Disappointing cuz its raved about so much though.

CoutureCarrie sa...

Wow! What crisp, beautiful photos! You must be having an incredible time. I love your Zara fringed clutch, too! Happy shopping and museum-going :)

Anonym sa...

I had the same buying woes as you. Apparently all the skinny minis of paris had bought out the good dress sizes, for nothing came anywhere near my size! likewise for shoes, i was defeated multiple times in that area- at mui mui & chloe blegh. i also saw notre dame, but i wish I had gone to st. chapelle ooops...it looks amazing. i agree that the louvre was much less interesting on the inside compared to the outside. busy, art that didn't really interest me anyway, and classics that turned out to not even be really worth seeing in person (did you see the venus de milo, she was practically dirty!). i much preferred musee d'orsay. and your dessert looks fab, and yes, the house wine is usually the best, good tip

Anonym sa...

as for the photos in my header- there's this cool website called polyvore that allows you to take photos from around the web and construct a collage, like I did. It's fun, easy, & free! oh and btw, I know you just read my last post, but I have a new Paris one up

fashion herald sa...

I couldn't agree with you more about the museum viewing. and it's tragic about the louboutins, but you look so great in both looks.

pammish sa...

really really amazing job in describing how your paris trip was.. i felt like i was there too! :)

its funny when u went shopping instead of going to musuems.. girls like us think alike! :) haha

and oh! sorry to hear abt not getting the things in ur wishlist! but i can see u had fun (and u looked gorgeous.. always!) :):)

really had fun reading ur posts.. & sorry if i wasnt able to visit here for a while :) but i really enjoyed it.. ah.. paris.. take me! :)

hanna sa...

jeg får også lyst til paris, når jeg leser bloggen din :)

svare sa...

Hei hei frøken, dumpet plutsilig ned på bloggen din. Ble kjempepositivt overraska, har nemlig begynt å gå tom for snasne blogger å surfe på - men nå kan jeg kose meg med din en stund ser jeg. Har bladd tilbake til mars til nå, og synes du har mange gode ting å komme med - stå på!

Fine tips ang e-bay shopping også, jeg har tittet litt på de lenkene til e-bay selgere du hadde. Fristende;)

Så håper jeg du har det kjempe på turen din:)


The steps photos are superb. Love it, you look gorgeous. PS: My Mother told me that seeing the Mona Lisa was no big deal, it's teeny-tiny. And she also had to endure such a crowd... ick. I hope to go one day to Paris with her, I have never been.

enc sa...

I'm so sorry to hear of your shopping disappointments! You did a great job narrating, and my heart was beating right along with yours in the CL boutique!

You always look great in that DVF dress.

I hope you got some nice things in your final shopping day.


Anonym sa...

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