fredag 12. september 2008

Breakfast at H&M

This morning I was invited to a shopping breakfast at H&M.

We got coffee, yougurt, croissants and brownies for
breakfast, while we browsed the latest fashion and listened
to a forecast of fall fashion.

I love the grey and muted colors for fall, because
you can jazz it up with a shot of hot color.
I love how this orange scarf makes the outfit. And
if you buy it, some of the profit goes to Unicef.

The clean lines, sharp trousers and cozy sweaters are
always a hit. This is how I would like to see my husband
this fall.

Like I said, a shot of color goes a long way. These shoes
remind me of Dorothys red shoes, only pink!

Vest: Vero Moda
Boots: Acne
Shorts: Very old cut of Levis
Wool Cardigan: Gina Tricot
Scarf: Vero Moda
Handbag: Gucci
Idag tidlig var jeg på frokostshopping hos H&M. Arrangementet var i samarbeid med Costume og Loreal. Mange shoppingglade jenter og journalister hadde møtt opp. Vi spiste god frokost, mens vi lyttet til foredrag om høstens trender. Det var kommet masse nyheter i butikken og jeg fant flere ting som jeg MÅ ha i høst. Blonder, skinn, pudder og grått står høyt på ønskelisten. De rosa skoene er det også sikkert fare for at blir mine. Vi fikk femti prosent avslag på en vare, så da kjøpte jeg meg en lekker svart cape som nok blir en favoritt i høst. I goodybagen fikk vi siste Costume, sminke, hårprodukter osv. Fantastisk start på helgen!

I had a very good start this morning, rushing to get to the breakfast at H&M. Got some great advice on fall colors and textures, as well as a wonderful complimentary breakfast. The highlight of course being fifty percent of any item you wanted to shop. I could not resist and got a lovely black cape for a steal. On top of that we got a nice goddy bag with tons of great stuff like a magazine, hairproducts, diet coke, lippgloss and such. Very nice indeed. Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

19 kommentarer:

Cupcakes and Cashmere sa...

food and shopping is always a winning combination. i'm all about capes for fall, so i'm excited to see how you incorporate yours into your fall wardrobe. great look btw, the boots and scarf really tie it together.

glory sa...

wow....... you have a good time i guess... loved your outfit, i never wear shorts but look grate whith the thigts... i have to try try that combo.... the scarf it`s amazing...saludos

coco sa...

"coffee, yougurt, croissants and brownies for
breakfast" yum yum yum! I wish I got that whenever I drop into H&M

jayne sa...

oo love the outfit, amazing layering, very Russian :) and that H&M thing sounds fun and yummy, that orange scarf is hot!

Make Do and Mend sa...

Good old H&M!


It's a great start for a day!

Another gorgeous outfit, dear Silje.

Have a fun weekend!


enc sa...

You do a great job with cutoffs. I've never seen them that way.

Amie sa...

Å.. kan jeg være deg for en dag?

NewlyInspired sa...

LOVe this look! It makes me want to break out my boots as well :)

Mimi sa...

Great layering! I really have to find out where I can find Vero Moda in Canada (no success until today).

Coincidence that I wore my Vero Moda jeans today (bought in Portugal).

I have a similar fur-like vest...but it's a bit small on me so I can't actually zip it up :(

Sharon Rose sa...

Hi Silje-wow, you have great opportunities with your job, to have breakfast at H&M and 50% off too, how lucky indeed!! I'm hopefully going to H&M today, I'd love to get a belt similiar to yours (the studded one you wore in your all black outfit)-wish me luck for my hunt, haha!! Have a great weekend, my dear!! Looking all cosy and stylish for Autumn too!

M sa...

who doesnt lovee H&M??

love your boots, ps.

ambika sa...

How lucky to go to something like this! I can't wait until the H&M opens here in Seattle this week.

Hilde N sa...

Åh, for en deilig start på dagen! SKulle ønske jeg rakk slikt før jeg må være på jobb :)

AlicePleasance sa...

What a great idea! A croissant and and an H&M something? That's a dream! sa...

Æsj! Jeg skulle dit, men fikk ikke fri fra jobben :( Og de rosa skoene skal jeg ha samt. fuskepelsen <3

Nadine sa...

You look so lovely! I adore the shortened jeans pants!

Tiffany sa...

i really really want a pair of pink pumps now!

your outfit is great, love the shorts with tights and boots. I may have to try that out.

Anonym sa...

Dette var WOW! Food and shopping! Did you get to do this through your job or through COSTUME?

I saw that unicef scarf just today and am sorry I did not get it. I think I will go back for it.

Great blog and I hope you win! (If you are already in Oslo that could save on plane fair if the awards are there that you could attend)