søndag 14. september 2008

Favorites from New York Fashion Week

Halston: Beautiful, flowy 70s style

Erin Fetherstone: Light breeze, pink heaven.

Diane von Furstenberg: Hippie girl meets
boho luxe. Sans the headbands.

Alexander Wang: Dearing, different, soft
and edgy. Love the pink & black.

Anna Sui: Color explosion, rich, fascinating.
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Mine favoritter fra New York Fashion Week. Hvem var dine?
My favorites from the NY Fashion Week. As the week comes to an end, I must say there were some goodies to lust for next spring. My faves are picked out. Is yours?

26 kommentarer:

jayne sa...

oo sui does have great colors!

enc sa...

I've got some favorites already, alright. I feel like I'm living in the future, seeing all the spring things before fall even arrives!

MONI sa...

OMG...those Halston dresses ....love....:)

Danz sa...

Great selection Silje! The Halston and Anna Sui dresses are stunning and I love the jackets from the Erin Fetherston and Alexander Wang collections.

Sharon Rose sa...

Hi Silje-fantastic picks, I'm also adoring the designers you've chosen, particularly Anna Sui and DVF!!

Psyche sa...

Great selections!

stilettostetico sa...

Halston is frankly the timeless quintessence of "70's High Class Glam" !!! Typical asymmetrical cuts are always mesmerizing, full of casual "SEXYness" . . .

A Bientôt, Antoine

Ediot sa...

ja! dette er fantastisk.
neste år silje- skal vi ikke dra dit? hihi..

jo helgen har värt super- hadde min förste spillejobb. helt sykt kult.
hadde du det göY?

Songy sa...

I really like the dresses you picked. I haven't really started yet. I just saw some Anna Sui - which was to die for and phillip Lim..

ROHIT sa...

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S sa...

Loved Halston and Anna Sui SO much.

Couture Carrie sa...

Fantastic selections, Silje! I really loved Anna Sui :)


fashion herald sa...

i haven't seen them all yet, but heard the dvf was amazing! and totally forgot about halston, thanks for the pics it looks great.

coco sa...

I love Halston, the whole vibe and the history of the label really appeals to me.

Kira Fashion sa...

HI my sweet friend!

Thanks a lot for asking about me :)
I am fine, working even harder this month, but happy about all! I do my best at the blog, but i wish i have more time...you know what i mean...

I do enjoy your fav. and even more your personal style, you are fantastic...love your new shops and adds!

I am a huge fan of you,
a kiss!!

Make Do and Mend sa...

Love the orange Halston dress!

Marte sa...

oh.. masse fint!

Dana (pron. like Donna) sa...

DVF was my favorite, and it always is.
I LOVED Halston this year too!

Style Syrup sa...

Two of my faves are right there - Halston and Alexander Wang.
The 70's vibe of Halston is perfection! It does not seem dated at all.

Juliet sa...

I did a list from my favs. It was long :).

juliet xxx

FrkTetlie sa...

Leste bladet "ditt" idag! Kjempebra var det. Hva blir prisen når det utkommer til vanlig?

Siljesfashion sa...

Frktetlie: Tusen takk, så hyggelig! Bladet kommer til å koster 25 kr fast.

WendyB sa...

Love Anna Sui and Halston.

Anjeanette sa...

Love the Halston! And pleasantly surprised with Anna Sui's collection! I need to post my favs from fashion week as well!

Sunniva sa...

I just adore the Halston dresses! The way they ooze of the 70s vibe is so fantastic. And DvF impressed me so much with her S/S 09 collection. Great review, dear Silje!

ed sa...

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