torsdag 1. mai 2008

Craving: New shoes

Foto: Splash News and InStyle
Hvor jeg ønsker meg disse fantastiske skoene fra Balenciaga! Sukk, men det må bli en billigere utgave som de her, som jeg hadde innlegg om tidligere. Må passe budsjettet, siden vi drar til Paris om ikke så lenge. Men det er jo lov å drømme...

How I lust for these Balenciaga shoes! I mean come on, they are to die for. But I will have to settle for a cheaper version, so I am not breaking my budget. After all I am going to Paris and will need some spending money!

11 kommentarer:

Ragamala sa...

I covet those Balenciagas!

Sharon Rose sa...

They're gorgeous aren't they!!-plus they will go with absolutely anything!!

Zoe (Raining Hats and Clogs) sa...

i couldn't agree more. those shoes are amazing!

stacy sa...

You know who else wore these - Heidi from the Hills. Funny, I just read about these shoes yesterday and hear they are today.

Kira Fashion sa...

wow, are you going to Paris?

take a lot of pictures there!!!
thoes shoes are killer!
love the style and colour!

its so amazing!!

a kiss and a hug,

Kira Fashion sa...

ah, this SJP picture is from a campaing for a shopping from brazil :)


Siljesfashion sa...

ragamala: They are eye candy!

Sharon rose: Absolutely!

Zoe: True!

Stacey: Thats funny, I swear I did not know.

Kira: Yes I am going with my husband in june to celebrate our 10 year together. Cant wait!
And thats funny, I did not know it was taken there, but its great!

jayne sa...

those shoes are HOT!

enc sa...

I see why you like those shoes. I think Balenciaga should send you free pairs to wear/promote! You'd do a great job, possibly better than the Olsens.

Siljesfashion sa...

enc: Your so right, I should email them right away, haha! Serioulsy, Thank you for the compliment. I ended up getting a pair of Nine West wedges and a cheap version of these shoes. So I am anxiously waiting their arrival.

WendyB sa...

Those are fabulous shoes.